Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jubar Sharing Moved - New Blog Location

Jubar Sharing has moved locations! All new blog posts will be found on the new blog site!

I tried to move all these posts to the new location, but for whatever reason blogger isn't playing nicely with Wordpress. I cannot find a solution online, so for now for aesthetic reasons, I'll keep them separate.

Slowly, I may move them over by copying and inserting the pictures, as copying works, even though importing does not. C'est la vie! 

Both will still be Jubar Sharing...just no more new posts will be on blogger...all new posts will be at www.lunajubar.com/JubarSharing. If you go to the root you will be linked back to my Facebook Photography page - Lunajubar Photography... ;)

Thanks for following me and I hope you will hop on over to the new location and continue to follow me there! Many thanks!

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Current IWGs and Contests (3/30/12)

Updated list of current Instant Win and Contests going on.

Facebook games often require you to like the page and to allow an app. Internet games don't have those same requirements. And text IWGs are at applicable texting rates. Let me know if you win at any of these! I put my wins below.

Also pay attention to the receive email check boxes - most aren't required. It is required to say you read the rules, though. Good luck everyone! 

Facebook IWGs and Contests

Pringles Tournament of Flavor Vote for your favorite video to see which makes it to the next round. Last round next week on April 10.

Victoria's Secret Gift Card Giveaway Can only win once. Everyday at 12:00pm they will release 1,000 gift cards. Some will be for $100 and some will be $10 off $50. (I got $10 off $50, which I won't be using any time soon, bummed 4/3/12. Good luck.) Ends 4/15/12.

Tropicana IWG Enter daily for your chance at 1 of 99 year supplies of Tropicana or the grand prize trip to Sarasota, FL! Ends 4/20/12.

Kitchen Aid Getaway for Two Enter daily for your chance to win. Ends 4/30/12.

Stouffer's Bet the Farm Sweepstakes Enter daily for your chance at a farm vacation for two plus a year's supply of Farmer's Harvest Steam Fresh meals for one. Ends 5/31/12.

Nestle Battleship IWG Enter daily for your chance at prizes. Ends 6/5/12.

Oberto Quick Grab Enter daily to win prizes. Ends 6/30/12.(I won a $1 off coupon 3/13/12; and another $1 off coupon 3/15/12)

Internet IWGs and Contests 

Coke Zero IWG Enter daily to win prizes and a potential trip. Ends 4/2/12.  

Secret Contest They are looking for the busiest woman! Four busy women will win awesome prizes! If you are a super busy woman that's in charge of your life - enter! Ends 4/4/12.

Chapstick - Lucky Lips Enter daily to win iPods (10 per day), $10 iTunes gift cards (18 per day), Kinect for Xbox 360 (2 per day). Codes on specially marked packages, or request a free code - once per day (apparently you can only get so many free game codes, today I was informed I had received the limit - 3/8/12). Ends 4/10/12

Purex Scavenger Hunt! Find the image that matches and there will be an entry form. This is a chance for one of ten (10) $50 Visa gift card. One entry per person.Winners will be selected around 4/13/12. Ends 4/10/12

Skittles Riddles Game Enter daily for your chance at instant win prizes like a pinata or skittles and for grand prize entries for a trip to Hollywood and an awesome pinball machine and to star in a viral video with that guy! Game ends 3/22/12. Sweepstakes ends 4/12/12.

Purex $1000 Laundry Room Makeover Giveaway Enter one time for the chance to win $1,000 to makeover your laundry room! Ends 4/17/12.  

Clorox Kitchen Central! Play daily to win a FREE canister of Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes and earn a Sweepstakes entry toward our $10,000 Kitchen Makeover grand prize. Ends 4/17/12.

Purex Five Years for Five Winners Contest Enter daily for your chance at winning Purex Naturals for five years! Ends 4/23/12

Betty Crocker Great Snacks Giveaway Enter daily for an IW! Enter a package code or use: 16000-12345. Ends 4/30/12.

Stella Artois Chalice Contest Enter daily for your chance to get their chalice. (I won a chalice 3/24/12). Ends 4/30/12

Hershey's Reeses NCAA IWG Enter daily to win a trip to the 2013 Men's NCAA Final Four and your chance at instant prizes (like Reeses cups). You can also enter by texting "REESES" to 44144. Ends 4/30/12.

Honest Tea IWG Enter daily for your chance at daily prizes or the Citizen Folding Bike grand prize! Ends 4/30/12.

Ancestry.com Ultimate Family History Journey Sweepstakes Enter daily for your chance at 1 of 3 Grand prize trips valued at $10,000 to visit your "homeland"! Ends 5/18/12.

Pro-Health Win a Trip to 2012 Olympics Enter during the 13 Weekly Entry Periods (April 2nd will be the 4th week) for your chance. If a dental professional recommended the game to you, you can help them out by referring them. Ends 5/31/12

Lindt In the Bag Enter daily for your chance at awesome prizes! Get game codes from specially marked bags of chocolate, or ask for a free code. Ends 6/30/12. (I won a Red Envelop $10 off coupon on 1/11; I won a Red Envelope $25 off coupon on 2/28)

National Peanut Board - Can enter once with a chance at an Instant Win Prize (peanuts of different sorts, T-shirt, $25 Amazon gift card, and Peanut Prize Pack) and at one of the two Grand Prizes (2012 Ford Focus or a Trip for 4 to Six Flags). Option of 2 additional entries to share on Facebook and Twitter. Ends 6/30/12.

Hershey's Avengers Instant Win Game Enter daily to win instantly! You can get codes off specially packaged Hershey's candies or get free. Play the game or just find out if you won! Ends 9/30/12. (I won 10 digital Avengers comics on 3/22/12, I won a digital poster on 3/26/12) The game has told me 4/2 and 4/3 that there are no more free codes to give at this time, except the rules say one free code per person per day, no purchase necessary. Not sure what's going on.

The Perfect Cup Sweepstakes One entry per day to win a year's supply of K-cups or one of their Instant Win prizes - machines & K-cups. Ends 3/31/13.

Hot Slots Enter daily (can spin as many times as you like) to win Hot Tamales candies. 500 prizes per month, can only win one prize per monthly game period. Game will last as long as they like. (I won Hot Tamales 3/14/12)

My Coke Rewards Currently has various contests that you can play for 3 or 6 pts. Instant win games...among other items that you can get as your points build up! Enjoy Coke...gain swag or play games! You can play the Instant Wins for free by clicking on rules and going to 5c, there is a link there to get up to 5 free plays per day. Enjoy! Only for Instant Wins.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hungry for Change! (Watch It!)

I want to recommend if you have the time, there is less than 2 days to sign up and watch NOW the latest from Food Matters - Hungry for Change! I posted about Food Matters and a couple other food documentaries I had watched here

Hungry for Change talks about all the reasons one should change their diet (not be on a diet) and how they look at themselves. It's a great motivator! After you watch...or during, they will offer the chance to purchase it  or the Food Matter recipe book or both!

Some other food documentaries I have watched and recommend are: 1) Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. 2)  Forks Over Knives. 3) Fat Head. 4) Killer At Large: Why Obesity... 5) Ingredients. 6) Dying to Have Known. 7) The Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue (wasn't my fav). 8) The Future of Food.

I watched all of these on Netflix, but I am sure some or all can be found via other means. ;) 

The main point I got from watching all of these is that we should eat way less processed foods, less sugars, less partially hydrogenated fats, and definitely less hormones and chemicals. Eat more organics and locally grown. Eat your vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains (quinoa, oats), non-hormone infused dairy and meats, etc. 

Here are some quotes from the Hungry for Change documentary: 

"The problem is that we are eating "food-like" products."
"People are overfed, but yet starving to death."
"They put stuff in there that they don't want you to know about, so they don't put it on the label." (When talking about processed food.)
"Partially hydrogenized fats are some of the worst fats."
"Nature delivers nutrients in a complex, not an isolated version."
"In this society, we're becoming more comfortable saying that white sugar is a drug."
"Over 75,000 synthetic chemicals have been created since the 1940s and have been released and are everywhere in nature on the Earth, including in us." (not word for word).
"Vegetables are the most beneficial food group we have access to. Full of all the phytonutrients and antioxidants that we need."
"The skin creams that most of us buy are full of toxic chemicals and not all are listed on the label."
"It's not just what you eat...but what's eating you."
"Self love helps improve eyesight, hearing, pulmonary function, lowers blood pressure, cardiac output, wire in musculature. Healthcare costs would go down dramatically." (This is coming from a doctor...saying it is proven science.)
"Where does my food come from? What went into my food? What is my intention with the food?"     

*Still haven't moved my blog, so no images for a while.* 


Favs to Follow for Disney Info

Here are some of my favs to follow when it comes to Disney Info!

Chip & Company! I follow them on Facebook, I go to their blog and get their newsletter, and I follow on Twitter. I love this site because it is a bunch of bloggers that share their personal experiences! Also, they do regular Disney giveaways (though I have yet to win) and share awesome Disney information. They also share rumors and confirm or deny them once information is received.

Disney On Wheels. I follow on Facebook and Twitter. I love the insight from a woman that see Disney on Wheels! 

Walt Disney World for Grownups. I follow on Facebook because they provide great adult advice and trip ideas.

Disney Go To Girl. I follow her blog and Twitter. I was really into her blog, but after finding Chip & Co, I kind of don't follow her blog as much. She has good giveaways, too. Also, she focuses more on Disneyland (probably why I follow less). 

Disney Parks Blog. I check this out every now and again, because they will always have the truth of what's going on at the parks! Not to mention, they have awesome giveaways! Looks like I read the blog, because they are on Facebook and I follow!

Delightfully Disney is another good one to check out on Facebook and Twitter. Very delightful.

Of course I follow on Facebook - Walt Disney World, Run Disney, and Disney Movie Rewards (as well as check out the first and thirds websites). I also follow EPCOT Food & Wine Festival and EPCOT Flower & Garden Festival on Facebook.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Crowdtap & Crowdtapping

Hello! I'm a Crowdtapper! I joined May of 2011. I didn't really know what it was when I joined, I just saw a lot of "freebie" pages on Facebook were joining. They lured me in with ideas that I'd get Old Navy clothes for free (well they were right).
A few things have changed since I joined nearly a year ago...for one they went from Beta to I guess Alpha! LOL. That meant quite a few changes for us that had been with the site a while, but I'll just talk about what the site is now.

When you sign up to be a Crowdtapper, they like to verify that you are a real person and tie you to your Facebook account, but you must have 20 friends (I think). You can write them and tell them you do not have a FB page, and they will use your telephone number or something. They are trying to ensure you only have one account...so don't think they are getting crazy with your page. So, you sign up and fill out your personal information (as much as you like)...and then get verified, and the fun begins!
As a Crowdtapper, you will answer Quick Hit Questions as they appear under your Actions. Your response may or may not relate to a potential discussion. So, answer honestly, because sometimes they want people who do not like something. Also, Webshares will appear in your Quick Hits, these give you the option of sharing a video or information. You will also get the opportunity to participate in Discussions. These allow you to respond thoughtfully to a discussion question and then comment on other's posts. You have the chance to get Top Awards, if you fulfill what the moderator has in mind for the Discussion. When you are the right demographic, have been on the site for a certain length of time, and reach the right levels, you MAY get asked to apply for Sample & Share or Hosted Party opportunities. The difference is...a Sample & Share you share with one other person, a Hosted Party you share with 3 or more (depending on the type of party). Again, there is the chance to get a Top Award in either of these. Also, for these you write a report.

A couple of my current actions (Discussions).
You will get points for your participation in all the above actions and for signing in daily (10 points). Quick Hits get 10, 25, 50, and random larger amounts. Discussion posts are 100 points (one per discussion question), comments on others are 25 points for the first post (daily) per discussion. The same point system is used for Sample/Shares and Hosted Parties. Top Awards will garner 15,000 points for a regular discussion and 40,000 points for a Sample/Share or Hosted Party. Reports in Sample/Shares and Hosted  Parties, depending on how the moderator rates will get you A LOT more points (4,000 for an approved, 10,000 for an excellent). Webshare points are as follows: 25 points taking a webshare, 25 points per person that rates your webshare, 800 points for a completed Webshare). Also, you will get points when you receive Stars on your Discussion posts and other times, 200 points per star.
Some points I earned 3/27/12.
So, what's the deal with the points? Well, a few things. The more points you have the higher your level, as you go up in levels, you get a new banner. Also, you can redeem points for Amazon.com gift codes, Crowdtap T-shirt, Donation of your choice, Artsicle, Bonobo, and more. Minimum points to redeem for something is 10,000. To get an Amazon gift code, you need 20,000 points for $10 or 50,000 points for $25.
Subject to change.
Tips for Discussions and Sample/Shares and Hosted Parties: Answer the question honestly with insight and share your personal experiences. If you can, provide a relevant picture or link. It is not always the longest response that gets a star or wins the Top Award, but do not just write one sentence. That will just get you your points, it will not get stars and potential to win a Top Award. After you have completed a discussion, go back and look for stared posts, read them and take mental notes for next time. That's what I did. Also, for Sample & Shares, and Hosted Parties I recommend you take a lot of pics, so you can share at least 10 good ones...and do write a blog post, I believe that helps! Another great tip - read Crowdtap's blog, its full of information about how to be the best Crowdtapper you can, plus any news, sometimes extra contests...and follow them on Facebook!
My recent Sample&Share.
Crowdtap has missions that you complete...they range from answering 100 quick hits, to receiving 3 Top Awards in Discussions. When you complete these, you gain extra points. I wouldn't worry about completing them, they complete as you do actions.

Oh....those Stars! OK, so the more stars you get, the higher your Star Power! Star Power is weighted with newer stars receiving more weight over older stars. And, then it is averaged among all users to give you your Star Power. I have a high Star Power, Crowdtap has said the average Star Power is in the 30s...so don't feel bad if it takes you a while to catch up to mine.
I believe you get what you put into Crowdtap. Have fun, it's not a competition...it's about sharing with brands and potentially getting free stuff!

Since joining Crowdtap, I have gained over 258,000 points (I made it to the Top 50 Leader's Board this month), am at Level 14, earned 191 Discussion Stars (for a Star Power of 81), 12 Top Awards, and almost 1200 Actions. I have had the opportunity to be a part of 2 Old Navy Sample & Shares - ActiveWear and Dresses. I have also had the opportunity to be a part of the ABBA Dance Party and the Old Navy Bundle-Up In Store Party! And, I have redeemed my points for $200 or more in Amazon gift codes and donations (keep in mind some were w/ the old system).

If you feel Crowdtap is for you...JOIN NOW!

*WARNING: Last post with pics for a while...until I can move to my website. Might not be that many posts either until then.*

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Introducing Pete's Dog, Martog!

Martog is Pete's dog, he's had Martog for most of the 13 and half years of Martog's life. I met Martog back in 2006, so he was about 8, though I swear Pete told me he was 5 at the time (and Martog sure acted younger than 8).

Martog's background (as far as I remember from Pete and his dad's recollection):
Pete's youngest sister brought him home around the 4th of July. She was pretty young herself, carrying a good sized puppy with a big wrinkly head. I gather he was super cute. Well, initially Martog became Pete's dad's dog, but I guess over time or perhaps bonded better with Pete, you can tell Pete is his #1. No doubt though Martog loves any and all attention and remembers those that give it freely. Due to Martog's big head size, and being rather wrinkly as a puppy, Pete's dad named him Martog...after the Star Trek Klingon, General Martok.
As Martog got bigger he became a protector of the family and Pete's dad's business. One story they love to tell is that Pete's dad was leaving work late, and Martog was there, ran out and started barking around the vehicle...and out from the vehicle ran a man..that they think was waiting to attack Pete's dad. Well, luckily they never had to know for sure, because Martog being big...with a huge head and jaw...scared that man and he went running. Martog chased after. Who knows what happened, except, Martog came back fine and no man came back.
I have no idea the time-frames, I just know events happened. Pete had to give up Martog for a while, and the man they gave him to, used Martog as a fighting dog. They of course had NO IDEA that this man did this...until that man said their dog wasn't working out and gave him back or they went to get him because they heard about this. I have no idea, but Pete got Martog back and he was so scared and skittish...his fur was matted all the heck and he wasn't the same ever again. But, as those of us that know Martog, he's still a good dog that loves people's attention, but will bark at what he perceives as a potential intruder.

Martog 2007 Pics

Pete, Me, Parker, and Martog - Christmas 2007
When I met Martog, he was this big loveable dog, that definitely seemed like a younger dog. He played, he did tricks, and he was very well behaved. He did have some quirks, the biggest of all being he would not go on tiled floor. When, I moved in with Pete and a couple other guys...he was still this way and it was in 2007. At some point during this time, one of the roommates, left a couple of his female in heat Chihuahuas at the house...while he went out of town or something. Martog, ever being the lover, took a shine to these small females...but alas they could not consummate their love. They did playful things at each other and would you guess, these two female Chihuahuas went everywhere in the house, and so did Martog. From that point on...he went on the tile...cautiously at first, but as the years went on...without fear! It's amazing what "love" can do! LOL.
Martog with said girlfriends. 2007

Martog in 2008

 Martog in 2009

Martog in 2010

When Parker (my Chihuahua) and Martog met, Parker wasn't sure about him, but Martog has always moved out of the way of Parker...and will even move out of the way for Parker to eat his food, well not if there are treats involved or people food! The two get along fine, and even sometimes you can find them sniffing each others noses, so cutely. Martog has always been confrontational with other dogs...so it was a bit of surprise that he got along with Parker. Pete's thought Martog thinks Parker is an eternal puppy. Who knows!
Parker (looking frazzled) & Martog

Martog has been the life of parties we've had...he visits around with anyone in the house...when we let him out...he loves to get pet. If you start, don't expect him to be satiated....oh no! Expect to become a favorite stop! He's got thick fur, and can get a lil doggie sticky, but most people do not mind. It's worth it all for such a happy friendly dog.

As Martog has gotten older, he's been whinier...more demanding of particular Pete's attention. Not that he wasn't always somewhat that way, but more and more so. He's also hungrier than ever! He also has gained a heavy breathing, that we never noticed until he was on steroids one time for an ear injury (luckily lately it seems to only come on with activity [normal] and seems more likely when hot or humid. Only in the past year and half, maybe 2 years has he started to show signs of back leg arthritis...really bad in the past year. Well, as luck would have it...when you are waiting to bring your pet in til you can afford to the vet...and emergency happens.

Early in December last year, we were all (about 6 of us) sitting around in the living room talking...when Pete noticed Martog walking funny. He went over to him...but he started really walking funny, and thrashing his legs. They laid him down and tried to calm him...eventually it passed and now we think he had a seizure. This prompted a night time vet visit and $1000 later, to be told Martog likely has cancer in one of his kidneys, potentially also his prostate...and the doctor theorized possibly moved to the brain to cause the seizure. Calcium deposits in X-rays, and an 3 or 4 times normal kidney, show something is very wrong in there. Ever since, Martog has been on pain pills, anti-inflammatory pills and twice antibiotics. The doctor in Dec said he had 3 months to live, well he's still here, and no more seizures (that we know of). He does have bad back leg arthritis...and although he can hold his pee, he doesn't know when he's going to poo. We have to be very watchful...if that tail lifts, out he goes! It's helped now that we know...to lessen the indoor incidences. He's still super hungry, drinks water, and loves attention. So, for now...we know he's got more time in him to live a decent life.
Martog was shaved for an Ultrasound. Dec. 2011
Dec. 2011
Santa Martog Dec. 2011
Martog has been to a different doctor earlier this month, but they came to the same conclusion and some of Martog's blood work isn't so great...but all things considered his blood work is amazing. The doctor says though just to make him happy...since he's old and has cancer, who knows how long he has...just feed him, give him treats, and love him. So, that's what we're doing...doctor said he could go "tomorrow" or a few months from now. I personally see him and think he's still in a pretty good condition and think he has a few more good months in him, or else he'll pass suddenly.

It's amazing that Martog has always been in very good health all his life until past year....Pete says its because Martog is a mutt...best of each breed in him. That very well could be true.

Do you think mutts have better health and constitutions than purebreds? 

Feel free to share your Martog knowledge and stories below, please! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Woolite Complete Review

I joined smiley360 sometime last year. It's been a great site for me, letting me try a few full size products (Redbox Movie Rental, Zatarain's Frozen Meal, and Arm&Hammer Simply Saline Neti Pot). Well, in February I joined the Woolite Complete mission...we had to share the coupon and information about Woolite Complete..and if we met the criteria we could get a whole bottle in the mail free!
I met that and a full size bottle of Woolite Complete came my way!  And you can get a $2 off 50oz container here on their Facebook page. That is the smallest size, other sizes are 75, 115, and 133 oz.
Woolite Complete is for all your clothes, not just your delicates! They want you to know this by their new name - COMPLETE! It doesn't contain harsh ingredients, so you won't stretch, shrink, or fade your clothes. You can keep all your clothes looking like new!

Of course, I had to try out this product...as we all have known Woolite for years to only be used on super delicates. And, then out came Woolite for darks...and now....Woolite Complete for ALL clothes and colors. *There is also a Woolite EXTRA Color Care.* I washed about 3 loads of laundry using it - towels, blacks/grays, and beiges (yes I was by color). All came out clean...and none were ruined! Even after washing one set after my boyfriend washed some rags in there (and said oooh I wouldn't have washed darks after those), yep nothing ruined! I haven't used repeatedly so I can't say if they will keep my clothes looking new longer wash after wash, but I can say they all come out clean!
 My only thing is...it's too subtle of a scent...I love my clothes smelling fresh. Being that I hang dry a lot of my tops, if it doesn't get the fresh clean scent in the wash, it won't get it. So, I do have to add extra something if I plan to keep using Woolite Complete.

If you are interested in the Woolite family, check out their FAQs

*I am a Smiley360 member and I was compensated only with this free 50 oz Woolite Complete. All of the thoughts expressed here are my own.*