Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Old Navy Bundle-Up In-Store Party

As a member of Crowdtap, I am able to apply for sample & shares and parties...well at the end of November, I was informed that I got a spot in this Old Navy Bundle-Up In-Store Party! I was ecstatic...this meant I was able to select 3 gals to join me...and we'd all get a free outfit from Old Navy! I planned my party for Dec. 3rd, but unfortunately, the party pack with the ever important coupons did not arrive until Dec. 8th. So, the party had to be moved to after my Orlando trip. After talking to the three gals - Elizabeth, Rebekah, and Nicole - we settled on Dec. 14th after work.

Upon opening the packet, I was able to find out that we were getting one women's sweater, one pair of pants, and one winter accessory (scarf, hat, or gloves) for free! Pretty awesome! Night of Dec. 14th, 3 of us headed over to meet up with the other at Old Navy in Harbison.

We found a manager and informed them that we would be trying on stuff and taking pictures all around the store. She was nice and asked if we needed anything to find her. So, off we went. Here, there everywhere in the store...finding items to try on...we tossed items in our bags until they were full...and even carried more!

 After goofing around trying on the winter accessories, we headed to the dressing rooms with all our stuff to try on...had a mini fashion show..we'd all come out with an outfit on and take pics...and laugh or compliment...twirl and share. Until we picked out an outfit that we wanted to own!



With our selected outfit we went to pose with the mannequins before purchasing.

So, we had a lot of fun..and found plenty. At first we had felt there wasn't as much selection of items that we'd like or that some of us saw online, but in the end we definitely found outfits that we would wear. One thing, is that the Incrediboots were not all that to me. I was so excited to try them on, but when I did not one of the three pairs fit and they were all uncomfortable...so...for me I'll stick to Old Navy clothes, not their shoes.

All of the thoughts and pictures in this post are my own. The only things we received were the free items mentioned...otherwise I purchased items (a scarf, a sweater, and a pair of pants). Thank you Old Navy and Crowdtap!

If you would like to join Crowdtap to get in on these awesome in store parties - join here.

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