Tuesday, December 20, 2011

ABBA Wacky Dance Party (12/4/11)

Thanks to Crowdtap and Ubisoft I was able to have an ABBA Wacky Dance Party on 12/4/11. The party pack included:
  • Seven Steps to a Super 70s Party pamphlet
  • ABBA You Can Dance Wii Game
  • ABBA You Can Dance T-shirt
  • ABBA's Gold Album
The ABBA You Can Dance Party Pack.
We started out the party with appetizers and chatting it up in the kitchen. Appetizers included cheese & crackers, Swedish meatballs, peppermint cookies, vodka gummies, jell-o shots, and daiquiris.  Most had dinner before they came over, so the alcohol was there to encourage dancing! LOL.
Peppermint Cookies
Tie-dyed Jell-o Shots
Swedish Fish
70s Paperware

Vodka soaked Gummies
Swedish Meatballs
After the appetizers, we moved into the living room...where my boyfriend had set up lights on the floor to outline like a dance floor! And we had some 70's decorations (along with Christmas decorations) out. I think it looked great! I even got colored covers for the Wii controllers.
The decorations...woo!

Crash course into how the game works...and we were all set to become Dancing Queens! Just about everyone got up and danced at least once...while some danced over and over again! Everyone definitely had fun!

This game is a lot of fun and its nice that it has the musical mode! It was too hilarious sometimes...watching the screen and the dancers! One thing I do not like about the game, is that to win, you really only need to move the one hand holding the Wii controller. I think it'd be better if had to move both, and used gloves or something like in the game. It did seems girls were more inclined to do the arm and foot movements more than the guys. It has a huge variety of ABBA songs, but after so long...one might long for variety...I guess that's why one would buy more than one of these You Can Dance games.

All images and opinions of the game are my own! I only received the party pack from Crowdtap and no compensation for my opinions.
Pete (my bf) and I.
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Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run said...

Does Pete like ABBA? Because I can't really see that and there's something about the thought of him dancing to it that makes me happy.

I like the dance floor idea. And I finally get to see a pic of your place!

Becky said...

Not technically "our" place, but the place we live. ;)