Sunday, March 18, 2012

Crowdtap Old Navy Dress Sample & Share (3/10/12)

I'm a member of Crowdtap and they provide us with awesome opportunities like this where we can get products for free and share with friends! I was so happy to see in February that I could apply for a spot in the Old Navy Dress Sample & Share..and of course I did! Once you apply, you have to wait until they are letting people in...well that day came only a few days after applying (for some reason, normally its a couple weeks), and I started to see people were being let in...

I had an interview to get ready for that day and was getting directions ready...when I noticed they were passing out spots in order from length on Crowdtap...when it came around to length I've been on...well woohoo! I jumped with excitement, there was MY INVITE to JOIN! You bet I did!

Then came the part of who to bring with get the other FREE dress coupon! Since, I had brought Pete's sister, Nicole, with me to the Old Navy ActiveWear Sample & Share, it was easy to invite his other sister (that lives her in SC, he has 2 other sisters in MI), Elizabeth. Of course, she accepted! She was excited to look for a dress that would be comfortable in the summer while her baby bump grows (she's due early Oct).
Well, then one has to wait for the coupons to arrive...and go between the dates provided. Coupons arrived on time, and we went on Saturday the 10th. She drove us there, which I appreciated. Then we had lunch at a tasty Mexican restaurant that I cannot remember the name of. THEN the main event!
Outside the store were girl scouts selling cookies...inside the store was a women's event, where they wanted to sell us drinks and have us provide an inspirational story...we passed. We were there for dresses, not inspiration! Old Navy was busy, but nothing ridiculous.

We grabbed bags and got right to walking around looking at all the dresses. We each grabbed about 7 dresses. The dress selection was nice, though I was still bummed some of my favs were only available online. The dresses were spread different sections, I imagine by newest at the front. The only stipulation was not to get a dress on clearance! OK!
When we felt we had found all the dresses we liked to try on...we headed to the dressing room. There we would each get a dress on and then I'd take my own picture in the mirror and then take Elizabeth's picture. We would also give quick opinions of our own dress and each others. The dressing room was busier than I'd like. Here's the dresses we tried on!
Looking back at these two blue dresses I tried on, I actually like them. I wasn't sure about them at the time, but now I am. Drats! I don't think Elizabeth liked the first, the second she didn't think would expand with her baby bump. ;)
Don't mind the black socks, I kind of liked this dress. 
These dresses might have come home with us...
Oh this dress on me...sure did come home with me. Blue on Elizabeth did not.
I don't think either of us were excited about these dresses. I think the cut was good on mine, but that pattern I sure couldn't get over.

Elizabeth went with the green floral maxi dress.
I went with the blue and green striped off-white dress (makes us both think of Easter). And then I also bought the black ballerina-feeling dress.
It was a wonderful experience. These opportunities give me a chance to try colors and styles I might not normally... for some reason when its free, I branch out more! Also, I'm not sure why I kept cocking my head to the one side for all the pics, probably because I was taking my own pic. LOL. O'well.

If you'd like to join Crowdtap - join here. On Crowdtap you get what you put into it. When you join, you will get points as you complete Quick Hits (quiz questions), participate in Discussions (lengthy responses and comments on others posts), Webshares, etc. As you move up in levels you will get invites to Sample & Shares and Hosted Parties. It can take a while, but if you have the right demographics, you can expect to get one in no time! Oh, and the points you earn can be used toward gift cards and donations. I usually get the Amazon gift cards, but there are others.

All of the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. I only received 2 free dress coupons from Crowdtap and Old Navy.


Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run said...

Funny, I think the dresses that look best on both of you are the one's you bought! Also, that first white dress looks really good on your friend. She should have gotten that one too.

Becky said...

Thank you! Yes, I thought she looked like a goddess w/ her long black hair in that dress...but guess she was really digging the brights!