Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Old Navy ActiveWear Sample & Share

On October 15th, Nicole and I went to Old Navy to participate in the Crowdtap Old Navy Sample & Share ActiveWear Promotion! I had two coupons good for a pair of Compression Pants and Go-Dry Top! Amazing two items for free! And one for me and one for her!

Two weeks before this I had won a spot in this sample & share and hurridly signed up! Then had to figure out who to bring, as it was only one for me and one to share. Well, turns out one sister said let the other go...and so made it easy and I didn't have to flip a coin or decide. :)

Back to Old Navy, we got there and found the ActiveWear. So much to choose from! We looked for Compression Pants and Go-Dry tops! I had seen some getting jackets for free, so we set our sights on pants and a jacket.

 We posed in store in front of the black & purple jacket we both ended up with. 

We each grabbed a couple sizes of each pants and jacket to go try on...oddly or not, we both went up a size in pants, and same size in jacket as normal. 
 Ended up with gray pants & I did buy that gray tank.

Then we gathered up the ones we wanted and headed to the register. Well, that's where the "fun" began! Ha...I kid... Luckily they knew what Crowdtap was and had been expecting some coupons such as this. What wasn't expected was that only one of my items would ring up free, while the other would not. Well, Crowdtap had said we could choose any top...so thought mine was fine. Unfortunately, we learned that Old Navy can decide for themselves what styles, colors are available for free. Turns out, we had to pick pants that said compression and rung up, and a jacket ... that said go-dry...no others. Well that changed my whole outfit, once figured out...gray pants w/ pattern, to gray solid...black jacket, to black w/ purple. Not, exactly the outfit, I wanted, but it was free and comfortable...and nice. Also, should mention that even though this was a hassle, the lady ringing us up was nothing but professional and friendly and really did try to help us get it right. All in all, we both had fun, and it was a great time hanging out and shopping! 

 Nicole in the pants she got for free with the top she bought. Jacket not in picture.
 Me in the pants I bought (gray free pants not in picture) and the jacket I got (for free). 

After our shopping trip, I ended up buying another pair of pants, the black ones w/ pink pattern at top, black capris, and a pink patterned top to match the pants from Old Navy online. :) I also had a discount coupon to combine with the discount on ActiveWear already...and got free shipping for spending $50!

The Old Navy ActiveWear is extremely comfortable and stylish. The price is absolutely nice when they were on sale! Pants $19.99, Capris $15, Tanks $15, Jackets $19.99. I love the way they feel and how they make me look. Very streamlining. And for being compression pants, they feel so comfortable while making me look great! Nicole agreed...she loves hers and LOVES the way it makes her look and feel. If you have a pouch or love handles, guess what...these don't show them off..they show off gorgeous you!

Thank you Crowdtap and Old Navy for this wonderful opportunity! Sign up and join for your chance at wonderful things like this! Plus you earn money towards Amazon.com gift cards and donation of your choice. And, you give your insight into brands, just like Old Navy! And, you get a $1 for signing up!


Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run said...

I've been eyeing that black/gray top you have on since the line came out. I've been meaning to get to Old Navy. That style looks just like Lululemon stuff and is super cute. Now you look all ready to run. Methinks you should find a 5k. :-)

Becky said...

The top fits wonderfully! We'll see about a 5k...haven't been running at all. *Might* do the Reindeer Run, but if we do, it'd be to hang out w/ S,E, K, and S...so likely not too much running. LOL. I did think about the Turkey thing they do up here, too...but not sure if Pete would want to or not...he's so much faster than me.

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