Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why is the news so depressing?

I try to avoid watching the news because it is so depressing to watch. Always about someone dying, being killed, shot, ran over, accidents, robbings, fires, kidnappings, missing people, storms destroying this or that, recalls b/c making sick or chocking hazards, etc.

It just bothers me. I look at the headlines but I find I go to the Science section on yahoo news because I can learn about new cool things rather than hear about the latest horror or scandal. Is all of life just horrible things? Is it really true that only horror sells?

I get so sad when I hear some of these this world is. I do realize we cannot just have the good news without the bad, but it just seems that it's mostly bad. This is as far as the news on the tv and the headlines. At lease online we can pick and choose a headline to read. As they blah blah on the tv...we can change the channel. But every now and again I do have to watch it and read it...because we all have to remember...that the world isn't a happy place and it can be very scary.

Well...alright I'm going to go back to trying to find the good in the world. Or at least something to learn about.

Am I the only one?