Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jubar Sharing: Purex Insider

Jubar Sharing: Purex Insider

Purex Insider

Recently I applied to be a Purex Insider and received and email that I was not selected and why. And if I disagreed to write back, well I sure did write back! See my rejection email below.

 **Sorry until I write another post...part of this message will be covered up!

After I wrote a lengthy email about why I would be an asset to the Purex team, I got an email back the next day stating that I had to re-apply, but as soon as I did to email her back and she would let me be a Purex Insider! Woo. I won them over explaining that I'm on FB ALOT and that I have a blog and that I just got a Twitter account and LOVE to try NEW THINGS! :)

Now that I'm a Purex Insider, I'll get to test products and be given cool pictures to post along with them when I review the products! I can't wait to try these two:

If you want to try to be a Purex Insider go here:

Hope you look forward to my blog posts about exciting new things I try...still a part of learning and sharing! :)

Have a good night!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lot 18

Last week there was a link going round and round on Facebook about this site. Said you will get a $10 credit for signing up. Ok, I ignored it. A wine site...ships wine to your house - exotic and hard to find at a discounted price. So what. LOL. Well, then my cousin signed up, so I thought what the heck. I signed up through her link...and didn't get a $10 credit. I was not happy! So, I asked other pages that had posted and they said, email them. So, I did. First email, no response. Next day emailed again and asked why I didn't get a credit when EVERYONE was. Well, Lot18 wrote me back and gave me the $10 credit. They said I had clicked through a friend link and that's why I didn't get the credit. To join you MUST be invited apparently (so click my link and do what I did). Also, I then was told another trick to get $10 more ... put an item in your cart, then leave and don't go back. They will email you and offer you $10 more. Ta da, now you have $20 in credits! The extra $10 must be spent w/in 7 days or it's lost.

I used my $20 today, so as not to lose the extra $10...and ta da they did free shipping! I got this fabulous bottle that I looked up was worth $57, they were selling for $34.95, and then $20 off and free shipping...ta da steal at $15... A lot of people got free wine or free coffee. Oh ya..they sell gourmet foods now. :)

So...I look forward to my steal of a wine coming in the mail...ahhh. Hope you will, too!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Top 5 in Design Your Own Scent with Body Marinade Contest

On a whim I decided to try this contest for this Facebook page Body Marinade to Design Your Own Scent. We were allowed 3 entries. I only did 2. My first entry was selected as the first of the Top 5. I'm so excited.

So, now I need people to go vote for my scent. If you are on FB, and select that link you will automatically LIKE, aka vote, for my scent. Click HERE to auto-vote/like my entery!

If I win, I will get an 8 oz product in my scent and a page will be dedicated to my scent! Who doesn't want to smell like a Tantalizing Taurus??? RAWR!

Also, they are selling for the first time ever the DYOS Top 5 scents in a pack, get it HERE. Various sizes and prices. You can check out the other scent combination on the Body Marinade page. Everyone is allowed to vote on all the scents they like, if you like all 5, you can vote on those, too. I do hope you vote on mine! ;)

Have you ever won a contest like this before? I've never even entered something like this! I think it's amazing I was chosen out of however many there were...feel so honored! And really amazed that they are selling all of our scents in DYOS Top 5 June 2011 packs!

Thanks for the help in this!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Style Find website

Style Find is a great site to help you find awesome deals on so many wonderful and stylish items! From beauty products to handbags to shoes to clothes! It's just awesome. What's even better is they will send deals directly to your inbox, so you can see if you want to go check them out that day! Or go there and look around to see if what you are looking for can be found at an amazing price! Who knew there was a site as amazing as this for us women -- to help us find great deals on fashion and beauty products! :) I look forward to using Style Find in the coming months and providing better feedback on the site. Until then, feel free to check them out! Might just find that pretty top or pair of gorgeous flops you are looking for on their for 1/2 price without having to scour the web!

FYI - I'm a BzzAgent and I joined this Style Find BzzLab just this week! I check things out and share information and my opinions about products and websites through! Feel free to see what all the Bzz is about! Sharing is Bzzing! :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

I just joined today. It's a one stop shop for all your social media! Put links to all your social sites and invite friends, etc. to check them all out in one spot. If you keep it professional, can be your online business card. If you want it for dating, well...ta da...awesome way to let someone check you out! Also, if you sign up today, you will receive 50 MOO business cards free - with your image and information from They'll be great to pass out to distant friends/relatives, potential dates, or business clients!

Enjoy! I'm still testing I'll update in a couple months how I feel about it. :)