Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Strange Addictions (no not MINE)

Just thought I would share what I found yesterday, since I haven't posted in MONTHS!

Yesterday on I noticed some videos about Strange Addictions, this intrigued me. I then watched about 5 or 6 of these short videos...and realized they were teasers for a show on TLC. If I had cable I might watch this show, but I do not, and I will likely forget about it in a week.

It is amazing what we humans can get addicted to. The first video I watched was of a woman that was addicted to eating toilet paper...she loves the feel of it on her tongue...she will eat it in the car, the movie theater, walking around, where ever. I just can not imagine eating toilet paper, but it does make me wonder what secret addictions people are hiding (oh I have my own, don't you worry, but I am not sharing any time soon). The next videos were of people addicted to tanning, body building, eating chalk (this girl even got her sisters to try it - they said it was gritty like dirt, but had no taste and was dry - all reasons why this said girl liked to eat it), a sex robot, and a woman that sleeps with her hair dryer ON!

Yes, we may think these are weird, crazy, whatever, but again...someone might think what you are addicted to is also. Maybe you aren't addicted to anything, or maybe it's something normal like alcohol or food...but it doesn't matter...addictions are addictions and some can be terribly detrimental to one's health. I am sure this show will try to help these people through their addictions, but if Hoarders taught us anything, people have to want the help for real, otherwise no amount of help or doing it for them will ever make them stop. It doesn't even matter if it's detrimental to their help...people will continue with addictions (of which hoarding is one a type - like a compulsion).

Please be respectful of people with can try to help and send them links, give them pamphlets, do things for them; but in the end it's up to the person to make the change to stop that addiction.

I do hope the show is entertaining....but I really hope it helps some of them stop eating weird things, or sleeping with a hair dryer and getting burns....

If you want to check the show out go here: TLC's My Strange Addiction (Show).