Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mummies and Birthdays (Not Combined)

Last week was full of getting our place ready to move into (should be in by this weekend, yep its taking a while), but some fun was had also!

Mummies of the World - Discovery Place - Charlotte, NC
Earlier this month I bought a Living Social deal of buy 1 get 1 ticket to Mummies of the World, including audio. Stipulation, had to be used by 1/31/12. OK! We thought we were all going to go on 1/22/12, but that didn't work out, so Pete & I went on Wednesday, 1/25/12. 

The morning of, thought we'd get up super early and go...but we didn't...and then when we did head out, got gas, got breakfast, got on the highway...I realized I forgot the tickets at home! Whhhhat? Yep...had to turn around and go get them. Pete was like maybe we should go tomorrow...but I'm glad we went. We got to the Discovery Place around noon...the drive from Columbia to Charlotte is pretty fast (with minimal traffic) and took about an hour and 15 minutes. 

We high-tailed it to the ticket office...and got our tickets for the Mummies, and it included wristbands for the Discovery Place. Off we went...first up Mummies of the World! Waiting was only because the video had to start again...hah. And in we went...it was great! It wasn't packed, we got to go at our pace, if anyone did come around, we could easily wait or go to another spot and come back...it was awesome to be leisurely...and not crowded with people on every side (that's how it was when I went to the Tut Exhibit in Miami in 2006). 
The shotglass I bought - rather pricey!
There were all kinds of mummies...from Egypt to China to South America to Europe...animals, babies, and adults. There were natural and man-made mummies. Mummies were under 100 years old to over 3,500 years old! Absolutely a wonderful exhibit to go see and you can until April 2012! I loved it...very informative. I only listened to one audio instance and it had a lot more information about the particular mummy, but the guy's voice was a bit boring. 
The exhibit's pamphlet.
The postcard I got, b/c we couldn't take pics.
Then we wondered around the 2nd floor of the Discovery Place - played with all the hands on...interesting...learning feats...walked through the Rain Forest...and through the Build Area....less interested in these two areas. It was time for snack, both of us were tired...we ate in the cafe and split a chicken salad sandwich and a lemonade  - pretty good. On to the first floor we went...saw all the critters and sea life...it was pretty neat...but they did not label the ocean fish as well as they labeled the lizards. 
All in all I think the Discovery Place is a great place to take kids or go if you feel like being a kid! The Mummies of the World exhibit is awesome for all ages interested in mummies.

Nicole's Birthday Events
Nicole's birthday was on Saturday, but was celebrated on Friday and Saturday! 

On Friday we all (Joe, Mary, Pete, Wes, Elizabeth, Barry, Brenda, Nicole, and I) had lunch together at the family business of Zesto's Chicken. I swear the more you eat it, the more you want it...no idea what they do to it...but when it's hot its awesome. A couple hours later we all (same all) met up again for cake and ice cream...hah. Then...a couple hours later...we all (Nicole, Wes, Elizabeth, Jeff, Zavior, Anthony, Shannon, Pete, and I) went to her mom's house for biscuits and gravy. Yep yep...like every couple hours it was time to celebrate NICOLE! Woo! Then...Nicole and her boyfriend went off to celebrate alone! 
On Saturday night...the plans changed from original...but its all about what the birthday girl wants...and I do mean that! One day a year we all should get to do what we want with no fuss from others! ;) Nicole, Wes, Elizabeth, Anthony, Shannon, Pete, and I went to Mellow Mushroom...and had pizza. Shocker! Just Nicole, Wes, and I had shots and all different ones at that! Nicole ordered for her and Wes, "I'll have a Fuzzy Nut, and he'll have an Orgasm." Oh, yes she did! Then I had something really delicious, but can't remember its name, but it had Goldschlagger in it! After, just Nicole, Wes, Pete, and I hung out and played Would You Rather...
My delicious shot.
That guy photo bombed, and I noticed that his gal did in another pic, too.
I sure had fun, and I hope Nicole had a great birthday weekend!

Monday, January 30, 2012

My Redbox Experiences

Up until this month, I had used only Blockbuster Express and had success with that. Since, I am a Smiley360 member (If you'd like to join Smiley360, join via my link!), I was given a mission for a free Redbox rental and to share my opinions of it. Awesome! I was excited and since I got this right before the holidays, I waited until January to utilize my freebie.

I thought I was following the directions to get my movie for free, per the mission...but...I must not have been. Here's how it went: I went online and created an account. I found my local Redboxes and then picked out a movie. It said I had to rent online and then enter the code to get free...well...no place to enter a code. So, we went to the box to pick it up...and no place to enter a code when just picking up a movie. I was not happy, but we had a movie to watch for cheap...home we went. I was annoyed, but since I still had my code, figured I'd give it another try. 
Attempt two..HA! Well, since I had made my first movie purchase online, Redbox gave me a free code for my next online rental reservation. Of course, I used that...haha. Everything went fine online, and used the code...ta da free. We rode over to the box...and wouldn't you know the box was broken! Not a single touch screen button worked on it...I slide my card...and nothing. No movie for me. I was pissed this time. I mean two times nothing is going right with my Redbox movie renting experience....when I got home I immediately went online and wrote Redbox. Then I went to their Facebook page and wrote a note there...only to see others were having a similar issue as mine (albeit different states and not really related, but wow). Amazingly, there was a wonderful person from Redbox answering people's posts and was really courteous and apologetic and helpful. Seriously, someone was on there after 10pm at night...helping us...I can only say this impressed me and brought me out of my bad mood. A couple days later an email response appeared with an apology, said they were going ot look into the box, and gave me 2 free movie codes that do not expire for 45 days. 

Redbox's customer service made things right and really impressed me. So, with my movie codes...I went to rent again...this time with the knowledge that codes must be entered at the box at the time of rental. CHECK! 
Third attempt was this Friday night past...we picked out a movie online, but did not rent it. Then we headed to the box for the rental experience. The box worked...the movie we wanted was there, and my original Smiley360 code was finally used. Ta da...success! I was a happy camper that still has 2 movie codes to use! Free movies are wonderful. Of course, my Redbox experience can't go without some sort of error...this time it was my fault completely...we forgot to return it and I paid for a night...haha! To make myself feel better, I let Pete's brother and his girlfriend see it before returning the movie. 

So...the bottom line is...for some reason Redbox movie rentals are not going so smoothly for me...but they have a great selection of movies, they are convenient, and their customer service ROCKS! Redbox...you've gained a customer that will proudly tell my COMEDY OF ERRORS that got me to enjoy you! 

All opinions and experiences are my own...and I only received free movie rentals and no other compensation.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Current Instant Win Games and Contests (1/28/12)

Updated list of current Instant Win and Contests going on.

Facebook games often require you to like the page and to allow an app. Internet games don't have those same requirements. And text IWGs are at applicable texting rates. Let me know if you win at any of these! I put my wins below.

Also pay attention to the receive email check boxes - most aren't required. It is required to say you read the rules, though. Good luck everyone! 

Facebook IWGs and Contests

Cafe Escapes Year of Indulgence Contest  Enter daily to win a year's subscription to Birchbox! To receive deluxe samples every month! 250 winners! Ends 2/5/12

Red Vines Pass the Jar Enter daily to win a Red Vines Prize pack with a T-shirt, Metal Water Bottle, 4lb Original Red Vines Jar, 2 5oz Red Vines Trays. Also, you are entering the big giveaway for $5,000. Ends 2/6/12.

Skinny Cow Candy IWG Enter up to 3 times daily to win a 12 month membership to Curves, a mani/pedi, candy, and more! Also, in for the running for a grand prize of an awesome weekend of style in NY! Ends 2/15/12. 

Create Your Deliciousness Enter daily to win a bag of Seattle's Best Coffee. 100 win daily. Ends 2/17/12.

Sealy Mattress One Time Entry for daily prizes and of course a grand prize. Ends 2/26/12.

Thomas's Toast & Win  Enter daily to win prizes of any of Thomas's products. Ends 2/29/12. 

Tic Tac Shake It Up Contest Enter daily to win a 12 pack of Tic Tacs, shoelaces, T-shirts, and more. Ends 3/6/12.

Clinique Lucky Days Contest  Enter daily to win full size products! 5 given away per week...ranging in price from $10 +. Currently in week 25 of 52. Ends 4/1/12.

Oberto Quick Grab Enter daily to win prizes. Ends 6/30/12.

Internet IWGs and Contests

AMEX Giveaway Enter daily to win one of 2.001 $25 giftcards or 1 of 10 $10,000 checks! Get a free code here. Ends 1/31/12.  (I won a $25 giftcard on 1/19)

WearEver and Knorr Sweepstakes Enter daily for your chance to Wear Ever cookware and more! Ends 1/31/12.

Robitussin Sweepstakes Enter daily to win one of 100,000 prizes or the grand prize of $100,000! Ends 2/1/12. (I won a hat on 1/24

Ultimate Match Up Enter daily to win daily prizes for NFL stuff and tickets. Ends 2/5/12. 

Mars Be On the Field Enter daily to win 1 of 80 Visa giftcards, 1 of 100 NFLShop.com gift cards, 1 of 1,000 tailgate coolers, 1 of 1,000 Snickers & M&M brand tumblers (set of 4), 1 of Snickers Brand Serving Trays, or 1 of 237,320 Snickers or M&Ms brand chocolate candies. Use UPC codes: 04043205, 04010508 , 04010207 , 04003207 , 04010100. Ends 2/5/12. (I won a snickers or M&Ms candy 2/2/12)

Purel Contest  Enter daily to win prizes and be entered for the grand prize of a 5 day, 4 night trip to Orlando for you and 3 others! Ends 2/25/12.

Disney One More Day Sweeps Enter daily to win one of 60 a 5-day/4-night vacation at Disneyland Resort in California or Walt Disney World Resort in Florida!* OR Text DISNEYDAY to 347639 to enter! Ends 2/29/12. 

Subway Footlong Nation Appreciation Enter daily (up to 3 codes) to win prizes and to be entered to win free footlongs for life! Get codes from specially marked items from Subway (like a beverage cup) or follow them on Facebook and Twitter for free codes. Ends 3/11/12. 

Dole IWG Click your favorite fruit to win prizes like Dole Fruit Bowls, Plastic Jars, and $25 Nike Giftcards. Ends 3/24/12.

Slim Fast IWG Enter daily to win tons of instant win prizes, like gift cards and slimfast! Also a grand prize of $10,000 or a makeover with Celebrity Stylist, Jacqui Stafford. Ends 3/26/12. 

Fiber One Great Taste Enter daily for prizes like $500 giftcard, designer handbag, or a box of Fiber One brownies. Use code 1600011111. Ends 3/31/12.

Purex 50 Bottles in 50 Days Enter daily to win a bottle of Purex detergent. 50 bottles given away each day for 50 days. Ends 3pm PT on 3/31/12.

Chapstick - Lucky Lips Enter daily to win iPods (10 per day), $10 iTunes gift cards (18 per day), Kinect for Xbox 360 (2 per day). Codes on specially marked packages, or request a free code - once per day. Ends 4/10/12. 

Clorox Kitchen Central! Play daily to win a FREE canister of Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes and earn a Sweepstakes entry toward our $10,000 Kitchen Makeover grand prize. Ends 4/17/12.

Betty Crocker Great Snacks Giveaway Enter daily for an IW! Enter a package code or use: 16000-12345. Ends 4/30/12.

Lindt In the Bag Enter daily for your chance at awesome prizes! Get game codes from specially marked bags of chocolate, or ask for a free code. Ends 6/30/12. (I won a Red Envelop $10 off $25 coupon on 1/11)

The Perfect Cup Sweepstakes One entry per day to win a year's supply of K-cups or one of their Instant Win prizes - machines & K-cups. Ends 3/31/13.

Hot Slots Enter daily to win Hot Tamales Candies. 500 prizes per month, can only win one prize per monthly game period. Game will last as long as they like.

My Coke Rewards Currently has various contests that you can play for 3 or 6 pts. Instant win games...among other items that you can get as your points build up! Enjoy Coke...gain swag or play games! No free games currently.

Monday, January 23, 2012

riceworks Confess Your Snacking Sins House Party

It is always a wonderful thing to be selected as a host for one of the House Party parties...the last one I hosted was back in July 2011, so I was itching for another..and well I got one! The riceworks Confess Your Snacking Sins House Party for January 21, 2012! Woo! What a great party to start the New Year with!

For the first time the party pack arrived early! Inside were 15 Halos, 15 "I Confessed" stickers, 15 $1 off coupons, 45 Recipe cards (15 of each), 6 5.5oz bags of riceworks, and 6 free riceworks coupons for the host to buy more!
The day of the party, I bought some ingredients to make cheese nachos with the riceworks and got 2 more bags for free. Then after some cleaning, I set up for the party!
The nachos were a hit! They were the start of the party...a teaser introduction to riceworks. Everyone gathered in the living room for the 20 questions game. I had everyone write down the snack they can almost never turn down...and I was the moderator...so I shuffled them around and stuck the sticky notes on everyone's heads. Then we went around and the person who was able to guess in the least amount of questions which snack was on their forehead won one of the free product coupons! Amazingly...one got in 2 questions..and another in 3. Have to say, they were pretty broad categories...hehe tougher for those with a specific snacking sin - our groups were Boston Cream Pie, Ghirardelli Dark Chocolates, Lots of Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pizza (x2), Cheese (x2), and Cream-filled donuts. What I can hardly say no to...is pizza and cream filled confections. Mmm.
Then we had a round of everyone telling their worst snacking moment - when they ate the most - a binge of snacks if you will! I felt like I certainly couldn't top all theirs...I snack over days...not in one sitting...lol...or else I'm blocking it out!
After that, it was on to the taste testing of all 6 flavors! Sweet Chili, Sea Salt (least favorite of the group), Salsa Fresca (one of the tops), Tangy BBQ (one of the tops), Parmesan & Sun-dried Tomato, and Wild riceworks Sea Salt & Black Sesame. My favs were Salsa Fresca and the Sea Salt & Black Sesame. My boyfriend...well he sort of liked the Tangy BBQ, but otherwise, he doesn't care for them. He will eat them if he has to.

The party lasted longer than I thought, which was a good thing...and I know everyone had a good time trying a new product. I know I sure enjoyed trying them all!

All of my opinions of the product are my own...I'm only provided with a party pack and no obligation to post...only to share!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

House Party Parties!!

At the recommendation of my cousin, Samantha, I joined a site called House Party in September of 2010. I joined because I love entertaining and it sounded like a great opportunity...and she said she'd already had a few parties earlier that year. Well, I've been a member for a while now...and I completely love it! They have all kinds of parties to apply for, with all kinds of party packs! They have more recently really been involved online and look for hosts who are engaged on Facebook and Twitter. And, really love when someone does a blog post about House Party! Every little bit of sharing gives hosts an edge for that chance at a coveted host spot!
Well, I am not sure if it was just beginner's luck, but I got my very first party to host for November 2010. It was the Sabra House Party...I couldn't believe it, I got one so soon after joining! I loved hummus, so it was a great chance for me to try recipes using hummus and invited others to share in the fun! It was a huge success! A bunch of friends came over and we all enjoyed good food and laughs. What I did for this party -- I made it a dinner party and made a few of the recipes, then invited friends to bring some dishes as well. I decorated some and got Mediterranean type paper products...plus we played their trivia game.
Making hummus ravioli (hit of the party).
Different flavors of hummus.
Moi with the party food and some decorations.
It was a few months, and a few nos before I got my next party - Green Works New To You House Party for April 2011! Well, I was excited to have this party, because I love Green Works and we try to be environmentally conscientious...well...my friends weren't as excited. I had a really small turn-out and was quite bummed about that. Those that came though, made it a fun party, and then I shared extra samples and coupons with some others that couldn't make it to the party, but I know would enjoy. What I did for this party - I don't think I planned well, since my friends weren't so enthusiastic about joining - but I bought some full size products and gave them away as party favors to those that did join. I also had some light snacks and we all discussed how we try to live green.
The party spread with gift bags for guests.
Perfect time to try an organic vodka!
Again, some months went by...and I moved from Orlando to Columbia, SC...and there was a host opportunity that came up for a Budweiser Ultimate Backyard BBQ House Party...and I really wanted it! I wanted a chance to share with my boyfriend's family and hang out and get to know everyone a little better. House Party started something new...they passed out host assignments and then said...We are doing a Second Chance Host spots for 10 people...all you have to do is upload a 30 second video on why you'd be a great host or why you really want this party. Well...I don't really like video...but since I really wanted this party, I posted...can't win if you don't try! Well, I GOT A HOST SPOT! Woo! It turned out great...great food and a good time! What I did for this party - We had a big ol' BBQ with burgers and Budweiser...chips...potato salad...etc! I said I'd have the beer and burgers, and had everyone else bring the sides. And of course we decorated for the 4th of July because it was that weekend.
Everything to throw a great BBQ House Party with!
Blurry Welcome Sign!
Well, the longest stretch between parties has happened...and a lot more "Sorry..." In this timeframe is when they implemented the whole social aspect of House Party and host potential. I participate more when I really want a host spot. I have to say...I participated the minimum, but somehow got the RiceWorks Confess Your Snacking Sins House Party...which I'll be having this weekend! It's going to be fun...I sure hope! Going to make one recipe with the RiceWorks and we'll have a taste test of all the flavors...and I plan on making a good for your cocktail to enjoy with our good for us snacking. LOL - still will have alcohol, though! ;) And of course we'll all confess our snacking sins to each other and play a game...hehe. I have tried RiceWorks and have to say...everyone will love them..they are GREAT!
A party pack box!
Inside the RiceWorks Party Pack!
Join House Party NOW! It's a lot of fun...and when you get a House Party...it's AMAZING to see that You've been selected as a host! Notice - It can get addicting! ;) Well, as I prepare for my latest HP...know I'm still trying for my next one. Current House Parties available to apply to host are: Zatarain's Bring Mardi Gras Home House Party for 2/17-2/21, Courvoisier Soiree House Party for 2/11 (and limited states), Your Day, Your Way: Pull-Ups Potty Dance House Party for 2/18 and 2/25 (a friend got this party for 2/11 - and I'm going to take pics of all the little dancers since I don't have kiddos), Dole Salad Circle House Party for 2/25, HGTV House Hunters House Party for 2/17, and Benefit "Laughter is the best cosmetic" House Party for 3/24.

Definitely a few upcoming parties that I'd love to host - hehe! Zatarain's...House Hunters...or Benefit! ;) Can't wait to see what House Party does next and what potential hosting spots come up! 

These are my own opinions about House Party, they did not pay me and have only provided me with party packs per the rules of the parties that I've hosted.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dianne's on Devinne - Columbia's Restaurant Week

In the first week of January I heard about Restaurant Week in South Carolina (1/12 - 1/22)! I was so excited, because Orlando has Magical Dining Month in September, this sounded similar and I LOVED that. And, it was...various restaurants participate providing a price fixed 3 or 4 course menu. I glanced over some and decided we'd go to two restaurants over that week (well due to life circumstances, I changed that to one restaurant).
This past weekend on Saturday night, we were planning to go see the new Sherlock Holmes movie with my Saveology deal...well turns out it had expired, even though it was the last day. I was so pissed, I emailed them and they wrote back that they would refund my money. I do totally appreciate that and they were immediately redeemed.
So, I scrapped the movies and said...what if...we can get into one of these restaurants for Restaurant Week? Well, Pete said that sounds like fun...(amazed!). I gave him my top 3 choices...and let him pick where we'd go. He surprised me and choose Dianne's on Devine, because he really wanted to try the lamb (I really thought he was going to pick the Japanese place). So, I called up to see if I could make an RSVP...at first the guy said "5:30" and I said, "I won't be ready by then!" FYI - it was 4:30pm. So, he then said they just had a cancellation and he could seat me at 6:30pm...I said PERFECT! The stars aligned...we were going to enjoy a lovely dinner (and after the week I had ... we both needed it).

We both got ready...got dressed up...and out we went! Arrived just in time and valet parked! Woo...
The restaurant was nice...it is too bad I didn't take more pictures of the decor...
They provided us with a free glass of house wine...and took our order for Restaurant Week - all 3 courses at once.

Wine & rolls - how nice!
Then appetizers - I had the Italian Eggroll and Pete had Lobster Ravioli. Both very good, though I think Pete loved his more.
Zee Entree! I had the Bacon-wrapped Petite Filet and Pete had the Petit Lamb - turns out all orders came with mashed potatoes and fried cauliflower. I do think this was their cheap way to provide these meals at a discount...but I digress. My filet was amazing - really delicious...I wanted more! Pete really loved the lamb and raved about it right away to friends.
Lastly came dessert (and we both ordered glasses of our favorite wines)...I had Berries & Cheesecake and Pete had the Tiramisu. I thought mine was good, but he LOVED his dessert.
All in all - I'd go back again to try that filet with sides of my choosing! Seriously, they know what they are doing! Glad to find a lovely place to go...since we still do not know all the good places to go in this town.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Purex Crystals and Jockey Review

As a Purex Insider I was given a wonderful opportunity to test out Jockey's Tech Terry Performance Sports Bra and Purex Crystals Tropical Splash! I received the blogging kit from Purex Insiders in December, but we were asked not to post about it until after January 9th. I do believe I've waited a bit!
The Jockey Tech Terry Performance Sports Bra is very comfortable! I have to say I was a bit nervous to put it on, as it seemed small...but once I put it on...it was all comfort! It holds everything in snug! I look forward to wearing this sports bra during workouts.
These Jockey Tech Terry Performance Sports Bras are a moisture-wicking sports bra that helps to keep you cool and dry. There is a convenient key pocket (in the middle), so you can take your workouts anywhere! There is a cool reflective logo on the back and breathable mesh panels. It has a soft bottom band for comfortable support. The fabric is 93% polyester and 7% spandex. The lining is 94% polyester and 6% spandex.

Jockey and Purex want you to receive 20% off the purchase of a sports bra! Once you sign up, you'll receive your unique discount code via email within 3 days.
I did not know this...but normally, you should not use fabric softener on performance sportswear, because the oil content prevents the wicking process. Well, that's where the Purex Crystals come into play!

Purex Crystals fabric softener are 92% natural crystals! They are a more natural way to freshen your clothes for weeks!!! The crystals go in at the start of the wash, spending more time with your laundry infusing them with long lasting freshness. Since Purex Crystals do not contain oil, they can safely be used on all laundry including athletic wear, towels, children's sleepwear, and everything else!
This was not my first time using Purex Cyrstals (as I had received a free full size bottle from Vocal Point last year), but this was my first time using Tropical Splash. I have to say, it is not my favorite scent...but Purex Crystals does not disappoint! The scent lasts and clothes come out smelling super fresh, even after being in the drying or hang drying! I do both for different clothes. I really have to say, I love this product (although I tend toward Fresh Spring Water and Lavender Blossom scents), because I love having my clothes and linens smelling fresh until use. I really can't rave enough about this wonderful 92% natural product!
Purex Crystals and Jockey have generously donated a prize package of a Jockey Tech Terry Performance Sports Bra and a Purex Cyrstals Tropical Splash bottle for one of my readers!

To enter to win this wonderful prize, fill out as many entries as you would like using the Rafflecopter Application below. The more entries you complete, the better your chances of winning!  This giveaway is in no way associated with or sponsored by Facebook or Twitter. The winner will have 48 hours to contact me at lunajubar@gmail.com with their mailing address and sports bra size, or a new winner will be chosen.  Please note the Rafflecopter Application may take a moment to load. Thank you!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Patak's Indian Sauces Dinner Party

Last November I signed up for a Patak's Indian Sauces Dinner Party and got one of the party packs! It arrived in early December and I planned to have the party early December, but it got pushed back due to the ABBA Dance Party I won. Well, then it got pushed back to January 7th due to the holidays being busy and having two trips out of town in December. 

Here's the party pack I received - it included a Recipe and Party Planning booklet, a plastic trivet/pot holder, 6 Free product coupons for me, and recipe cards and $1 off coupons for guests. 
The day of the party, I went out in search of Patak's sauces and the rest of the ingredients. At first I had a lot of fun...it was awesome finding wonderful ingredients for a delicious menu that I was looking forward to. The best place that I found for Patak's sauces and other Indian food was at the Publix in Harbison. They have a really nice variety, but not all the sauces the recipe called for. I tried to find the others, but Walmart, Piggly Wiggly, Bi-Lo all did not have any. Went to the Publix in downtown and made the frustrated decision there to use the ingredients I bought with different sauces. 

I made Korma Curry Chicken (instead of Tikka Masala Chicken), Tikka Masala Beef (instead of Vindaloo Beef), Cauliflower and potatoes w/ an Asian sauce (instead of Tandoori sauce), their Quick Chutney Dip (per recipe provided), Jasmine rice, Na'an bread, and a Mediterranean dip (bought not made).
Korma Curry Chicken
Tikka Masala Beef
Quick Chutney Dip
Dinner was later than planned, due to shopping taking longer than expected, but everyone was flexible. We ate close to 8pm and it turned out so wonderfully! Everything was so delicious! Patak's sauces were so easily transferable and turned out great!
I look forward to cooking with Patak's sauces in the future...really delicious! The back of each jar mentions an easy recipe...that I'll likely try next time! 

Check out Patak's on Facebook and Online...and give them a try! They have lots of Patak's recipes online and I look forward to trying more of these!

Patak's provided me with 6 free product coupons for Patak's Indian Sauces...along with the rest of the party pack...but they did not require me to blog and all of the opinions in this blog are mine.