Friday, January 28, 2011

What You Ought To Know...(and mispronounced words)

A friend posted a link yesterday to a funny video on YouTube by the WhatYouOughtToKnow group. Well, that video ( was about what we say wrong - it was so interesting and funny! It made me watch more - on women, on veggie people, on the scientific method, on the way he does math, on the greenhouse effect, and 2012!, etc. I just couldn't stop - I must've listened/watched 20 videos yesterday. I stopped one or two that weren't telling me anything I cared about or funny. The rest were very funny and/or very informative.

So, here's their site: and here's their youtube channel: One brother films, one brother is filmed.

Check it out - maybe you'll enjoy and get some laughs...and maybe you'll learn something! Or maybe it'll inspire you to research something that you never thought of in that way! To see if What You Ought To Know is correct! Or, maybe you won't like, but...that's all up to you!

Here's a couple links about words we pronounce or spell wrong:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Venomous Spider Knowledge

Since we got on the spider topic at work, I thought I would share some helpful information. This link explains the spiders to kill and the spiders to keep --

One interesting fact, Brown Recluse spiders have 6 eyes, instead of the typical 8 eyes of spiders. And if you live out west, you probably have the Hobo Spider, not the Brown Recluse. The Hobo is definitely a problem spider, just like the Brown Recluse and Black Widow.

File:Black Widow 11-06.jpg

A large Brown Recluse is compared to the size of a penny - and not all have a violin (other spiders can have, too).

Hobo Spider

Since we're talking about spiders, you might want to know about the Wandering Spider of's more venomous than the Black Widow...creepy!

Here's what the Wandering Spider looks like:
File:Wandering spider.jpg

Thursday, January 20, 2011


What is that? It's the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, of course! I have to share them...because they are my obsession this week.

On Netflix I saw this movie - LXD: The Uprising Begins about dancers with special powers (Ra - they move energy with their extraordinary dance skills) that fight the shadow (Organization X or OX) dancers. WHAT? LOL. So, I watched it...and was AMAZED by their dancing skills. They do all kinds of dancing:  hip-hop, krumping, contemporary, tricking, popping, b-boying, jazz, tap, and ballet. The show is cool, too...dancing superheroes and villians - what! If you are into that sort of thing... which apparently I am! ;)

You can check the episodes out on for Season 1 and 2 (, or Netflix for Season 1 ( There's also eps and clips on youtube of them - (Robo-dance).


Thursday, January 13, 2011


I'm reviewing a lesson at work...and just thought I'd share this bit of information I just learned. The lesson is a medical lesson on Death & Dying in Our Society, which I gather the society is FL.

Here's what I just read and didn't know, but now I do:
"Heart disease is the number one cause of death in Florida, claiming almost one of every three deaths. Cancer comes in a close second, claiming one in every four deaths. HIV/AIDS is the fourth leading cause of death in non-whites, and the second leading cause of death in all persons twenty-five to thirty-four years of age."

I never hear much about HIV/AIDS anymore...used to hear about it all the time in school's health classes. I really hate to say (and it sure is sad), but I had not one clue that it was the second leading cause of death in all persons 25 to 34 years of age. I thought since I didn't hear about it, that medications were working and keeping people alive longer, and that people were protecting themselves and taking the right precautions. Obviously my assumptions were wrong.

At least I did notice that celebrities still care and talk about HIV/AIDS. Thank you...but they shouldn't be the only ones. Let's all take the time to be educated on the subject: and

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Who Knew!

I just wanted to share this Who Knew video information link - Date Anomalies specifically, but a lot of them were interesting...I just couldn't stop listening. So here it is: Enjoy the video learning! Who Knew!