Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A few things I learned this week...

I learned that Monday (3/22/10) was World Water Day.
I learned that the Pebble Toad stiffens its body and falls down the mountain to get away from predators.
I learned that there is a young girl from Yemen that got married at age 9, and divorced by age 10.
I learned that there are now Hot & Spicy Morning Star "sausages."
I learned that a friend got a new nephew this weekend.
I learned that starting a business takes time and research. Patience.
I learned that there are steamed hamburgers, not just grilled ones...what!
I learned that we have to fill out the census, it's the law.
I learned that hair when shaved, does not grow back thicker and darker.
I learned that no matter what, time keeps moving forward.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Apparently camels may have originated in North America. The oldest fossils ever found in the world, were found in an area near N. Dakota. They are millions of years older than any other camel fossils found in the world. And around 12,000 years ago, camels died out in North America. Since camels do not travel through water, that is solid evidence that there was a land bridge (of course we all know this) between Alaska and Siberia that allowed them to move from this continent to Asia.
Just wild.
I also learned that gold came from outer space. It only bonds to itself. Gold is only reused, not used up. Therefore, you could be wearing the gold pharaohs once wore. And, gold is everywhere...just in too small of particles to find. There are only 5 major areas in the world that gold is found in large enough quantities to mine.

Ahhh, the History Channel. Absolutely amazing.