Monday, August 24, 2009

Not Alone

This weekend we went to the Winter Park Farmer's Market. It seemed a little smaller than normal, but there were a couple of interesting additions. Raw Milk/Cheese and Amish Butter/Free Range Eggs stands. We asked about the Raw Milk, but you have to pre-order. It just goes so fast. The health benefits are just wonderful, so I hear (I mean for your pets...wink.) A friend of mine at work swears it's cleared her heartburn (uhh I mean her dog's heartburn), and her husband has noticed that his IBS has been well improved since drinking it (ooh I mean their cat's IBS). There's some immediate proof to me! See here: Yes, it's ILLEGAL. What! Yes, it's labeled as for pet consumption only. It is all natural and richer than milk at the store.

So then we headed over to the Amish Butter and Fresh Real Free Range Eggs stand. We ran into an older man waiting for his wife that was talking to the woman behind the stand. The older man proceeded to tell us how wonderful the eggs were. Only 3% cholesterol compared to the grocery store eggs at 20%. Hmm...and how his wife was diagnosed (she does not say she has it) with lung cancer and that they are trying the natural life to try to cure it. He said that the food they give us is causing cancer! See health benefits of these natural eggs here:

And so...there you go...grassroots. Others think like I do! Others are finding out the benefits of natural foods and stopping eating processed foods! It's amazing! It's happening more and more. It's not just a few of us talking about it. More and more of us should know about it!

We've been trying to eat healthier and more naturally because we believe that it's so beneficial to our bodies. And that it's unhealthy to keep eating processed foods and hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup (and all those other man-made unnatural things).

Oh that man told me about a farm 2 hrs away (from Orlando) that sells farm raised beef. Which again grass-fed, not corn-fed, so it's healthier. See health benefits of grass-fed beef here: . Also, here's the link to the farm if you are local: .

Since I didn't mention above, see benefits of raw butter here:

As you can see, being natural and healthy, does not mean you have to turn completely vegetarian! Let's move toward natural and healthy!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ancient Aliens

I know the last title also had aliens in it, but this time I mean aliens. Little green men, from outer space!

P and I watched a show a couple weeks back by this title on the History channel. It was concerning the ancient astronaut theory, that we have been visited since the earliest times of man. It was so fascinating, hearing theories I've heard before (like aliens must've helped man build the pyramids) to new theories that say c.10,000B.C. paintings from Val Camonica, Italy depict extraterrestrial visitors.

Some of them I dismiss, and some...just make you think. Why not? Why couldn't they have been visited? Are we now? I don't know for sure. I can't imagine we are alone in the Universe...but does that mean the others out there can come visit us?

I highly recommend checking out this show on History channel if it comes on anytime soon. Site says not in the next two weeks. Maybe it can be rented from Netflix?

Do you believe we have visitors to our planet from another planet or galaxy? Or do you think it is all something Earthly that can explain all the sightings? I lean toward the possibility.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Aliens Among Us!

It's these bugs in this article I found ( like aliens. And we can totally see where some movies got their inspiration!

Funny thing I that bugs must really like me. They end up in my food and drinks! In my wine at my wine at a a strawberry, in my salad, on a sandwich, and even my dog's water bowl!! I even like to take their pictures...and get some accidentally! So...I think I should embrace their beauty...and their alien-ness! LOL!

See below my pollen-covered bee in a flower that I took at the SC Zoo (on purpose, of course).


I love taking pictures and get frustrated when I can't get the picture I see. So, I finally got myself a digital SLR camera (Nikon D90) that I can control what the camera does and get more of the pictures I see!

I am learning so much about how to work the camera...what aperature (F-stop), shutter speed, depth of field, exposure, ISO, white balance...etc. all do together. It's crazy, there's so much to learn!

I took a class on my camera, a class on the business of wedding photography, and currently I'm taking a class on Digital Photography. Which of course the last one is the most beneficial at this point. And I've bought up a bunch of books...on digital photography in general, one in general with my D90, some on the business of digital photography, one on composition, and one on low and night lighting. Phew! Now to find the time to read them all! And I will probably take the 2nd Digital Photography class to continue to learn and be forced to take pictures! if I really need to be forced...but to be forced to take them using techniques and such.

So, that's what I'm enjoying learning about right now! Some of my D90 pics are on Facebook. The rest...have yet to be shared! :)

What are you learning about?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why is the news so depressing?

I try to avoid watching the news because it is so depressing to watch. Always about someone dying, being killed, shot, ran over, accidents, robbings, fires, kidnappings, missing people, storms destroying this or that, recalls b/c making sick or chocking hazards, etc.

It just bothers me. I look at the headlines but I find I go to the Science section on yahoo news because I can learn about new cool things rather than hear about the latest horror or scandal. Is all of life just horrible things? Is it really true that only horror sells?

I get so sad when I hear some of these this world is. I do realize we cannot just have the good news without the bad, but it just seems that it's mostly bad. This is as far as the news on the tv and the headlines. At lease online we can pick and choose a headline to read. As they blah blah on the tv...we can change the channel. But every now and again I do have to watch it and read it...because we all have to remember...that the world isn't a happy place and it can be very scary.

Well...alright I'm going to go back to trying to find the good in the world. Or at least something to learn about.

Am I the only one?