Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel Inserts Review

I'm a BzzAgent! I joined back in May or June of this year! And it was slow at first, but now I'm loving it! I got the Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heels Campaign in July and received my FREE sample in August. I finally got around to trying them out this past weekend (notice September!).
This was what I got in the BzzCampaign Packet! A nice welcome and encouragement letter, a Bzzing about Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel's Tip Sheet, a FREE sample of Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel insoles, and a lot of $4 off coupons (they are approx. $13 normally).

Before I get to my opinion of the product let me share what Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel say about these insoles!

Product Features:
  • Ultra-soft gel arch that shifts the pressure off the balls of your feet helping to prevent aches and pains in heels 2 inches or higher. 
  • Include massaging gel waves to offer super soft cushioning 
  • Clear color makes them invisible to others
  • The slim fit won't make your shoes feel tight
  • Adhesive on the bottom to ensure the insoles stay in place
  • The adhesive will not damage your high heels when you remove them! 
  • Allows you to wear your heels longer! 
  • Fits sizes 6 to 10
  • Costs $12.99 per pair 
  • Found in the foot care aisle of most drugstores, mass retailers (e.g. Target and Wal-mart), and grocery stores
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE IF you don't feel like they are beneficial to you after trying.
 This weekend, I found a pair of 3 inch heels to test drive the Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel Inserts with. I opened the package...realized I needed to read the directions, so then I read...and re-read to ensure I placed properly the first time. Check. The inserts nicely tell you which goes in which shoe. At this point I peeled off the backing and attached - lining up the heel w/ the heel and to the inner side of the shoe. Ta da!

With the inserts properly placed you can barely see them! That's great! You can tell they are there if looking, but a glance will just show off my shoes! I put these 3 inch Candies on and wore them for more than an hour. Which is impressive! These shoes have not been my favorite as they are uncomfortable. Well, at first it was weird, but weirdness gave way to such a wonderful feeling on my feet of distributed pressure. The inserts were great and stayed in place! I'd recommend them for use in your favorite pair of pumps to get longer wear out of them.

I feel so lucky to have had this opportunity to try this product for free! I'm a BzzAgent and this is one of the many reasons why! If you want to join BzzAgent - sign up HERE! Check out Dr. Scholl's For Her on Facebook.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Zatarain's Frozen Entree Review (Smiley360)

Hello! I'm a Smiley360 member!I joined sometime in July and they selected me to join the Zatarain's Frozen meal try new things campaign!

Sometime while I was on vacation, in the mail came a card on how to share Zatarain's and earn smiles and a free product coupon!

So, last week when we went to the grocery store, I brought my free product coupon and looked for these...to my surprise we found 4 or 5 flavors and they were on sale buy 1 get 1 free! So, my boyfriend picked out two flavors and I picked out two flavors (this ended up as 4 different flavors).  In the end due to the way the store actually does buy 1 get 1's it's more like I bought 1 and a half - and got 2 and a half free. Ohh ya!

This week for lunch, on different days, I tried the two I chose. Dirty Rice with Beef & Pork, and Jambalaya with Sausage.

The Jambalaya I ate mid-week. It smelled really good...and took a minute longer to cook than stated. At first it was rather tasty...but as I kept eating it, I was not quite as happy with it. I think it was because of the sausage they use, it was making my mouth feel really greasy and I did not like that. So in the end, this one was a 3 star frozen meal.

Today for lunch, I had the Dirty Rice w/ Beef&Pork, I have to say overall this was a much more enjoyable frozen meal. I liked it better, but I am not sure I'll be switching from the boxed Zatarain's to the frozen meals any time soon. I love their boxed items and have to say they taste so much better.

I do look forward to trying more products with Smiley360 and was greatly impressed with how quickly I was invited to join a free product campaign (some other sites, make you wait until you are a certain level). I did have 2 other opportunities, but I was not the right fit, and it's been a while...so here's hoping another comes my way soon!

If you'd like a coupon to try Zatarain's Frozen Meals yourself, click here! They can be found in the freezer section of your grocery store, if I could find it here, I bet you can find it where you are!

And here's a complete list of Zatarain's Frozen Meal options! By the looks of it, we sure do not have the selection that could be available at your local store!

If you'd like to join Smiley360 for a chance to try items for free, click here

Friday, September 2, 2011

Instant Win Games (IWG) & Contests

I thought I would take the time to share the IWGs that I have played so see them below. Facebook games often require you to like the page and to allow an app. Internet games don't have those same requirements. And text IWGs are at applicable texting rates. Let me know if you win at any of these! I put my wins below. 
Also pay attention to the receive email check boxes - most aren't required. It is required to say you read the rules, though. Good luck everyone!

Facebook IWGs and Contests

Run Disney  One entry per person per day! For a grand prize 4 night 3 day trip to Disney's Marathon weekend! Stay at the Beach Club...two VIP passes, two entries into your choice from Marathon, 1/2, full & 1/2, relay, or 5k. Oh my! And two $200 Disney Gift Cards! Oh my! Ends 10/22.

Swiffer 3 plays of the Swiffer Game per day. Highest score of the week wins, and a grand prize winner. Ends 10/24.(I just won an instant prize on this today 9/4/11.)

Pine-Sol Scent Sisters Shirt Enter once a day to win a Scent Sister Tee-Shirt. Ends 10/25. (I won this 9/29/11)

Kraft Singles Enter daily for your chance at daily prizes, weekly prizes and FIVE grand prizes. Ends 10/30.

Domino Sugar Bowl Enter for your chance at TWO Grand Prizes of a 4 day/3 night trip for four to the 2012 Allstate Sugar Bowl in New Orleans on Jan. 9th! Get airfare, hotel stay, and $1000 spending cash! One entry, per person per day. Ends 10/31.

L'Oreal's Never Fake It Again  Play daily for your chance at a 10.5ml tube of Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara! Ends 11/9.

Quakers Instant Win  Play daily for your chance at a $10 gift card, $25 gift card, or box of Oatmeal. Ends 12/2.

Viva Roll a Day IWG Try daily for your chance at a free roll of Viva Paper Towels. Ends 12/14.

Budweiser 52 Wks to Win Enter daily for your chance at Instant prizes and weekly prizes! Also a grand prize! Ends 12/30.

Hot Pockets Eat.Play.Win. One free code per day w/ email address or get yours on specially marked boxes. Ends 12/31.

Clinique Lucky Days Contest  Enter daily to win full size products! 5 given away per week...ranging in price from $10 +. Currently in week 25 of 52. Ends 4/1/12.

Drumstick Just Beachy Enter once for your chance at an awesome beach vacation - your choice of 3 locations. Not sure when it ends.

Dollar General There are several contests to enter there - Home Theater System, $1,000 dollars, computers. Take your pick! They have various end dates.

Crystal Light Over Flavor Fizz One entry per day for a chance at the daily prize. Ends 9/9.

Fruit 2O What's Your Flavor? One free entry per day. Might be more if you have codes. One Grand Prize and lots of Instant Wins. Ends 9/7.

Bic Soliel Endless Summer Sweeps One entry per day to win one of 10 packs of razors. This is the last week for the Soliel Bella 3pk. Ends 9/6.

Club Tyson Back to School Prize Wheel One free spin per day for chance at Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum prizes. Ends 9/15 (I've personally won three Bronze & one Silver prize so far). 

Lee Jeans Spin It to Win It 3 spins per day for a chance at free jeans. Ends 9/4.

Coleman IWG Enter daily for a chance at a free tent. Ends 9/5. 

Sunkist Enter daily for your chance at concert tickets! Ends 9/13. 

Suntrust Everyday Winning Sweepstakes One entry per day. Each vote gives a chance to win $1,000 Suntrust Visa Giftcard, and one lucky winner a day wins a Home & Garden Subscription. Ends 9/17. (As, I moved this to the over games, I won in the last Instant Win a year's subscription to Better Homes & Gardens! 9/19.)

Florida Naturals IWG Play 3 times a day for a chance at free OJ or coupons. Ends 9/18.

Playtex Your Cycle Your Way Enter Weekly for prizes. It's week 7 of 7. So ends in this week. :) 

Fox Connect Enter weekly for your chance at the weekly prize (It's in the last week - Wk 6/7 are Panasonic Blu-Ray Players). Ends 10/09.

Lysol Dual Action Wipes Enter daily to win one of 50 prizes! Plus 2 grand prizes. Ends 10/12.  

Entenmann's Entry only on Mondays when they post. Allowed until Midnight EST. Chance to win 1 of 5 $5 coupons. Ends Unknown. (I won this back in August.)

Sour Patch Kids IWG - One play per day for a chance at thousands of daily prizes & entries to the 10,000 (or up to 1 million) prize! Ends 10/14.

Zatarain's Game Day Enter for your chance to win a trip to the 2012 Allstate BCS National Championship Game in New Orleans 3 days/2 nights for 2 on Jan 9th! One entry per person, per email, per day. Ends 10/15.

Internet IWGs and Contests

X Factor Game  Enter the instant-win game for your chance to win a trip to a live taping of THE X FACTORTM. One trip awarded every day! Plus hundreds of Pepsi Judge's Cups and posters from THE X FACTORTM also awarded daily. 10/29. 

Hormel IWG Play for your chance at an HD 3D TV and daily prizes (one entry per day). Ends 10/31.

Circuit City Tablet Giveaway  Enter weekly for your chance at a Samsung Galaxy tablet! Ends 10/31.

Orbit Gum - Enter the keyword from packs of gum. Ends 10/31.

Macy's IWG Up to 23 entries per person per day, but only one prize per person ($10 to $500 Macy's Gift Code expiring 11/14/11). Once you win game over (I won a $10 gift code). Ends 10/31.

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Tell her your secrets to confidence and beauty and you could win a feature in her latest campaign, a trip to New York and a Pretty Powerful makeup lesson, plus up to $500 worth of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Not an IWG. You  must upload a 2MB jpg image of yourself and it become their property. 51 semifinalists will be chosen (one from each state and the DC) and they will each receive a $100 gift card for Bobbi Brown cosmetics. Entries must be received by 11/11.

Dove Visible Care  Enter daily to win weekly and grand prize! Ends 11/27.

Ghirardeli Dark Chocolate Take the 10 question quiz to see if you are a daily winner! Questions change weekly! Only one instant win per person. Ends 11/30.

Litehouse Contest  Enter ONCE for your chance at coupons and free products. Ends 12/9. (I won 50 cents off Litehouse apples 9/7/11).

Dove Chocolate Enter to win Grand Prize Trip to Hawaii or 50,000 other prizes. Enter your UPC code or use this one: 040000206385. Ends 12/17. (I just won while typing this up and playing a free chocolate bar 9/2/11). 

Join the Jedi IWG (there is a contest for kids also) Enter to win a Jedi Light Saber! Play the game daily - 3 tries per day. It is a verify through email game. Ends I think end of the year. 

TWIX - You get one free code, otherwise codes must come from Twix wrappers (I won a TWIX free product coupon). Ends 12/30.

House Party IWG Enter once daily to win daily prizes and add up entries for the grand prize! Ends 12/31.

M&Ms Racing IWG Enter daily to win - get one free code or enter UPC codes (can play multiple times and entries go toward 1 of 5 cars for a grand prize). Use this 04003207 for an extra entry. Ends 12/31.

Betty Crocker Great Snacks Giveaway Enter daily for an IW! Enter a package code or use: 16000-12345. Ends 4/30/12

The Perfect Cup Sweepstakes One entry per day to win a year's supply of K-cups or one of their Instant Win prizes - machines & K-cups. Ends 3/31/13.

Allure.com Giveaways  First 500 win on 10/4, 10/5, and 10/6; First 1,500 win on 10/7! It's usually at the beginning of a month and it's at NOON!
The bad thing is, they don't inform you if you got through, apparently a prize will just show up at your doorstep. I have yet to see one show up at mine...trust me I'll let you know when I do!

Circle K Family Road Trip IWG Play once daily for your chance to win prizes. Open to residents of AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IA, IL, IN, KY, LA, MA, ME, MI, MO, MS, NC, NH, NM, NV, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, TN, TX, UT, VT, and WA. Ends 9/11.

Non-Stop Summer of Fun Three entries per day, can request a free code. (I have won free skittles, lifesavers, starburst product coupons). Ends 9/5.

Food Should Taste Good Let's Summer Enter the code from top right of your bag of chips - one entry per day for at chance at one of 100 bags of chips per day. Or enter 10E2579. Ends 9/5.

Dove Reveal to Rebalance IWG One entry per day for cool prizes. Ends 9/6.

Office Depot 100s of daily winners ($100 OD Gift Cards), one entry per day - does verify thru email address to play. Ends 9/11. 

Finish Line Enter for a grand prize trip to Las Vegas and daily prizes for $25 Finish line gift cards. You create a pretend college ID. Fun quick..and of course enter to win. Ends 9/5.

Kobalt/Lowes  Enter daily for prizes and grand prize! Use code kobalt48. Ends 9/15.

Hollywood Giveaway  Enter DAILY for your chance at a pair of movie tickets or $25 Living Social voucher. Ends 9/21.  

Purina Dish Comes True Sweepstakes  Enter daily for your chance at a  year's supply of Pet food/products! Ends 9/26. 

Purina Cat Product Giveaway  Everyday they are giving away a free Purina cat product coupon at 11am! First 1,000 will get a coupon. Ends 9/28. (I've got this coupon 10+ times!)

Purina Dog Product Giveaway  Everyday they are giving away a free Purina dog product coupon at 11am! First 1,000 will get a coupon. Looks like this was extended by 4 days now, ends 9/28. (I've got this coupon 10+ times!)

Ghirardelli Squares IWG. Enter daily for chocolate prizes and a grand prize trip. Ends 9/30. (I won a bag of Ghirardelli Squares free product coupon 9/7).

Martha Stuart Burt's Bees Giveaway  Enter daily for your chance to win a Pomegranate Gift Set from Burt's Bees! If you do not wish to sign up automatically for Martha Stuart Living, then select that option to fill out the alternate form (gives choice). Ends 9/30.

Chiquita Enter weekly to win one of 12 earth totes. They will be giving away 12 weekly in September. Ends 9/30.  

Little Debbie & Rio Enter once daily for weekly & daily prizes. Ends 9/30. 
Jack Links Contest Enter to win a trip to Las Vegas or Jack Links products. Enter the code from your sticker or use this: Vegas1234567. Ends 10/1.

Dove Men's Pack IWG  Enter daily for a chance at 10 instant win prizes per week (4 wks total). Prize is a Dove Men's pack. Ends 10/17.

Hostess Transformers Game - Enter daily to win prizes. Can get a free game code once a day, or enter codes from packages. Ends 10/18. 

Sun-Maid Back to School Movie Ticket  Enter daily (one instant win prize per person or email address, so can try significant others, but not two of your own) for a chance at 5,000 randomly selected sets of 2 movie tickets to see Puss in Boots Nov. 4th. They email winners. Ends 10/19.(I won this today! Woo! 9/17/11)

Text to Win

Pop Tarts giveaway -- Text: Pop and your zip code (example POP 12345) to 772937 (For movie tickets). (Pete won this, well I texted on his phone! 9/4/11.)

CocaCola Contest -- Text: Ampmrockon to 76060 (I JUST WON PLAYING B4 Posting! It is a music download code. 9/2/11) It's for concert tix, music downloads, etc. You can enter once daily. Ends 10/3.

Twitter Contests

Pretty Powerful Contest Tweet what makes you feel powerful including the hashtags #PrettyPowerful and #PPTuesdays on the dates listed (believe they are Tuesdays) for your chance to win in the Bobbi Brown palette. No limit to the amount of entries (so tweet & retweet away on those days). Can only win once though. Ends 10/25.

Simply Freshetta and FreschettaPizza Follow them on Twitter (and Facebook for that matter) and they pick one fan (in each location) a week to win a free pizza. No idea when this ends. (I just won this today, 9/26 from Freschetta Pizza!)

Visa Signature Follow them on Twitter and every Friday in September respond to their question including the hashtag #PerksFriday for your chance to win one of five grand prizes! That's 5 every Friday until 9/30. See linked the contest rules. (I actually won this for Friday 8/26/11.) Ends 9/30.