Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ancient Aliens

I know the last title also had aliens in it, but this time I mean aliens. Little green men, from outer space!

P and I watched a show a couple weeks back by this title on the History channel. It was concerning the ancient astronaut theory, that we have been visited since the earliest times of man. It was so fascinating, hearing theories I've heard before (like aliens must've helped man build the pyramids) to new theories that say c.10,000B.C. paintings from Val Camonica, Italy depict extraterrestrial visitors.

Some of them I dismiss, and some...just make you think. Why not? Why couldn't they have been visited? Are we now? I don't know for sure. I can't imagine we are alone in the Universe...but does that mean the others out there can come visit us?

I highly recommend checking out this show on History channel if it comes on anytime soon. Site says not in the next two weeks. Maybe it can be rented from Netflix?

Do you believe we have visitors to our planet from another planet or galaxy? Or do you think it is all something Earthly that can explain all the sightings? I lean toward the possibility.

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