Friday, February 24, 2012

Barkeeper's Friend Love

Up until a few years ago, I had no idea this product existed. Did you? Have you used it?

So, we have this problem that some of our knives and pots and pans get rust on them...and its really annoying, because it could just be from sitting in the sink overnight (or for a week). Then bam, useless...but we wouldn't get rid of them...just I'd set off to the side and wait for magic.

Finally a few years ago Pete asked his mother, and she said, "Get Barkeeper's Friend, you can find it in Walmart, probably near the floor in the cleaning aisle." Likely, a month later we went out and bought it...and I've been in love with it ever since!

It is amazing! You wet a paper towel or cloth and add some of the powered Barkeeper's Friend...simply wipe...sometimes you have to scrub (but not usually), a little bit, and more rust! It really is magic! I mean it probably won't get the rest off something that is really now all rust, but for some surface rust..yep gone!

The other day, I went to use our crock pot and saw some weird yellow stuff stuck to the sides of the pot...and I couldn't scrub it off with dish soap or my finger I tried Barkeeper's Friend and OMG! It worked...this one I had to scrub off, but all clean! No more weird yellow stuff...Barkeeper's Friend is cheap and easy to use....I recommend this product to EVERYONE!

*I have not received this product for free or anything from the company, these are my own thoughts and opinions.*


Maritza said...

We use it too! My mom swears by it. All our pots are stainless steal, and without this stuff they would be looking HORRIBLE right now. They still look brand new, and not because I don't use them ;) miss u guys!

Becky said...

It's crazy stainless steel isn't supposed to rust or get stains! Haha! Good thing there's Bar Keeper's Friend! Hoping we can get down to Orlando in May around my bday...we'll see...!