Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jubar Sharing Moved - New Blog Location

Jubar Sharing has moved locations! All new blog posts will be found on the new blog site!

I tried to move all these posts to the new location, but for whatever reason blogger isn't playing nicely with Wordpress. I cannot find a solution online, so for now for aesthetic reasons, I'll keep them separate.

Slowly, I may move them over by copying and inserting the pictures, as copying works, even though importing does not. C'est la vie! 

Both will still be Jubar Sharing...just no more new posts will be on blogger...all new posts will be at www.lunajubar.com/JubarSharing. If you go to the root you will be linked back to my Facebook Photography page - Lunajubar Photography... ;)

Thanks for following me and I hope you will hop on over to the new location and continue to follow me there! Many thanks!

FOLLOW ME HERE  www.lunajubar.com/JubarSharing

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