Friday, January 28, 2011

What You Ought To Know...(and mispronounced words)

A friend posted a link yesterday to a funny video on YouTube by the WhatYouOughtToKnow group. Well, that video ( was about what we say wrong - it was so interesting and funny! It made me watch more - on women, on veggie people, on the scientific method, on the way he does math, on the greenhouse effect, and 2012!, etc. I just couldn't stop - I must've listened/watched 20 videos yesterday. I stopped one or two that weren't telling me anything I cared about or funny. The rest were very funny and/or very informative.

So, here's their site: and here's their youtube channel: One brother films, one brother is filmed.

Check it out - maybe you'll enjoy and get some laughs...and maybe you'll learn something! Or maybe it'll inspire you to research something that you never thought of in that way! To see if What You Ought To Know is correct! Or, maybe you won't like, but...that's all up to you!

Here's a couple links about words we pronounce or spell wrong:

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