Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Venomous Spider Knowledge

Since we got on the spider topic at work, I thought I would share some helpful information. This link explains the spiders to kill and the spiders to keep --

One interesting fact, Brown Recluse spiders have 6 eyes, instead of the typical 8 eyes of spiders. And if you live out west, you probably have the Hobo Spider, not the Brown Recluse. The Hobo is definitely a problem spider, just like the Brown Recluse and Black Widow.

File:Black Widow 11-06.jpg

A large Brown Recluse is compared to the size of a penny - and not all have a violin (other spiders can have, too).

Hobo Spider

Since we're talking about spiders, you might want to know about the Wandering Spider of's more venomous than the Black Widow...creepy!

Here's what the Wandering Spider looks like:
File:Wandering spider.jpg

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