Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lot 18

Last week there was a link going round and round on Facebook about this site. Said you will get a $10 credit for signing up. Ok, I ignored it. A wine site...ships wine to your house - exotic and hard to find at a discounted price. So what. LOL. Well, then my cousin signed up, so I thought what the heck. I signed up through her link...and didn't get a $10 credit. I was not happy! So, I asked other pages that had posted and they said, email them. So, I did. First email, no response. Next day emailed again and asked why I didn't get a credit when EVERYONE was. Well, Lot18 wrote me back and gave me the $10 credit. They said I had clicked through a friend link and that's why I didn't get the credit. To join you MUST be invited apparently (so click my link and do what I did). Also, I then was told another trick to get $10 more ... put an item in your cart, then leave and don't go back. They will email you and offer you $10 more. Ta da, now you have $20 in credits! The extra $10 must be spent w/in 7 days or it's lost.

I used my $20 today, so as not to lose the extra $10...and ta da they did free shipping! I got this fabulous bottle that I looked up was worth $57, they were selling for $34.95, and then $20 off and free shipping...ta da steal at $15... A lot of people got free wine or free coffee. Oh ya..they sell gourmet foods now. :)

So...I look forward to my steal of a wine coming in the mail...ahhh. Hope you will, too!


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