Friday, June 24, 2011

Top 5 in Design Your Own Scent with Body Marinade Contest

On a whim I decided to try this contest for this Facebook page Body Marinade to Design Your Own Scent. We were allowed 3 entries. I only did 2. My first entry was selected as the first of the Top 5. I'm so excited.

So, now I need people to go vote for my scent. If you are on FB, and select that link you will automatically LIKE, aka vote, for my scent. Click HERE to auto-vote/like my entery!

If I win, I will get an 8 oz product in my scent and a page will be dedicated to my scent! Who doesn't want to smell like a Tantalizing Taurus??? RAWR!

Also, they are selling for the first time ever the DYOS Top 5 scents in a pack, get it HERE. Various sizes and prices. You can check out the other scent combination on the Body Marinade page. Everyone is allowed to vote on all the scents they like, if you like all 5, you can vote on those, too. I do hope you vote on mine! ;)

Have you ever won a contest like this before? I've never even entered something like this! I think it's amazing I was chosen out of however many there were...feel so honored! And really amazed that they are selling all of our scents in DYOS Top 5 June 2011 packs!

Thanks for the help in this!

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