Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Juice Fast - Day 2

Day two of the juice fast has been different than day 1, I suppose that's expected. I woke up this morning and promptly went back to sleep. When I got up again, I still wasn't ready to face the day...I layed there for a while. I wasn't ready for a juice...but then...Pete got up and said he was going to make our juices. Cool. I still layed there...and my friend doing the juice fast with us (at a distance) text me..asking if I was avoiding the day, too. Yes, I was. LOL.

Juice 1 - Pete brought me juice 1 - Alternative Green Juice (from the Reboot site) around 10:30am.
2 cups of Spinach
6 - 8 leaves of Kale
1 cucumber (recipe called for 1/2)
4 stalks of Celery
2 Apples
Piece of Ginger
Well, I still tasted the celery overpoweringly (thinking about trying none in my juice), so I added some raw, unfiltered honey and that helped. I drank that down and felt fine today.

I felt OK...I didn't feel super hungry and no weird head I went on with my day.

Snack Juice - Pete got hungry a bit too early, so we had another "snack" impromptu juice...around 1pm.

Lettuce leaves
2 Carrots
2 Apples
Pete had more than me...and mine was poured over the little bit of my "breakfast" juice. I sure don't guzzle them down...I seem to drink them over an hour or two.

Juice 2 - Dracula's Dream Juice (slightly modified) was around 4:30pm.
6-8 Kale leaves
2 Beets
3 Carrots
2 cups of Strawberries
It's better than the green juices, but it's not delicious. I took almost 2 hours to drink it, no honey added. I felt pretty good after drinking it..not really tired...not hungry...just OK.

Well, around 7pm, I started to feel extremely hunger headache...just fuzzy tired head. Not even tired eyes...just like I want to go to bed.

It's after 9 now, and I'm feeling hungry...I think it's time for the Mean Green juice.

Juice 3 - Mean Green (from the Reboot site).
6-8 Kale leaves
2 Apples
4 Celery Stalks (I substituted carrots)
1 Cucumber
1/2 lemon
Piece of Ginger
After a while, I started feeling better....less tired. We watched a documentary called Killer at Large: Why Obesity is America's Greatest Threat. At first it was, well boring...and not that inspiring, but as it went on it got better. And, as the night went on I felt better...and more awake...and well not too hungry. Finding that if I talk about specific food or think about specific food...that's when I get hungry.

Also, I started feeling really giddy and just happy late at night...I don't know if I was getting a high off the juice sugar or what...but I couldn't stop laughing...until finally we were in bed and I just crashed...

So, all in all, I'd say today was better than yesterday. I'd still love to eat a steak, but I am sure I can get through Day 3 drinking just juice and water! Let's do this!


Anonymous said...

Not for me but good for you!- roxanne

Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run said...

You guys are doing great! I think I could do a juice fast but it would have to be something I loved the taste of. Like a protein smoothie or something.
I've been trying to eat better, and I notice that it's getting easier to get into the mindset of "you don't snack anymore, you already had dinner" when before it was all, "you just ate dinner now let's have a snack too!"
So I suppose it's getting a bit easier for you too. Maybe this is a good thing to translate into your solid food eating again!

Becky said...

@Roxanne - you never know! I sure never thought I'd be able to handle it, but I did! :)

@Paula - that's great, they do say snacking is a huge contributor to unwanted weight gain. Keep up the good work! And thank you...we are trying!

Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run said...

Gonna have to agree with Becky on this one. I think if she can do a juice fast, anyone can. The girl does love her real food! (while I eat all the fat free tasteless crap) hee