Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Juice Fast - Day 1

Backstory - My boyfriend and I started watching all these food documentaries...and well I started thinking about a juice fast to kick-start or reboot my body into eating a lot more veggies and fruits (goal is AT least 51%) and a heck of lot less processed foods! Well, I mentioned this to a friend of mine (she's already a vegan that still wants to eat healthier and cut out fried foods)...and she said she was going to ask me if I wanted to do one (mind you, she lives in Tampa and I live in Columbia). So..then we set a date..2/27/12 (which was one week from when we all decided this). 

Reason - We are doing this because we both have "love handles" - sounds so much nicer than they are...and we eat so much processed food it's incredible! We want to go toward a diet rich in micronutrients with less macronutrients ...we just want our insides to get healthier and feel healthier! So...on to the Juice Fast!
Shopping - On Sunday we all went shopping (in our respective cities). Pete and I went to the SC State Farmer's Market for some of veggies and then to Earth Fare for the rest. Total we spent $90 for 3 days worth of juicing produce.Pictures are only some of what we bought.

Juice Fast Day 1 
Today is day 1 of this juice fast! I'm working on my 3rd juice of the day as I write this. I woke up this morning feeling hungrier than usual (probably due to eating 5 meals yesterday)...and laid in bed for a while thinking about how I needed to weigh myself (haven't done in a while) and take pictures to see if after a while all my healthy changes start making a difference. Then we got up...to make our first juice.

Juice 1 - We set up the juicer...and rinsed all the produce we needed for this juice - the Mean Green recipe - per Joe Cross's Reboot Website. Turned into 24 ounces.
1 Cucumber
6-8 Kale leaves
4 Celery stalks
2 Apples
1/2 lemon (we ended up using a whole lemon b/c they were shriveled)
Piece of ginger
For me this drink was bitter, all I tasted was the celery stalks...bleh! And the more I drank...the weirder I felt. I think my body was revolting against this influx of lots of micronutrients, since I normally have bread for breakfast! For a couple hours my head felt weird, with a slight headache, and I got a nauseous feeling. I think we had this first juice around 9:30am.

I decided to re-watch Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead for inspiration from Joe Cross and Phil. It helped...I started to feel better inside and out...

Juice 2 - Around 2:30pm we made our second juice of the day - Dracula's Dream Juice (also from the Reboot website). Turned into 16 ounces.
2 Beets
2 Carrots
1 cup Strawberries
6-8 Kale leaves
This juice was better, way more tolerable. It is insane how green it smelled for being so red! Pete said, "Earthy". OK! Anyway, a lot better...and I felt so hungry while drinking it...after not hungry. Also, just had a slight headache no other pains. Woo! Pete had felt fine in the morning, but said he started to have a headache after this juice. 

Well, in between juice 2 and 3...we both had bouts of hunger. I can tell you I really have started dreaming about when I can eat something solid...and I want it to be steak, but I know it should be vegetables and nuts! Grr. 

Juice 3 - Third juice of the day is Mean Green, modified, made around 7:30pm. Turned into 28 or 30 ounces (guess as an American, dinner should be the most calories!).
1 Cucumber
6 Kale leaves (for me - more for Pete)
2 Carrots (for me - none for Pete)
2 Gold Delicious Apples
3 Celery stalks (for me - 5 for Pete)
1/2 Lemon
1 Blood Orange
Piece of ginger
I thought for sure this was going to taste better tonight due to the changes, but it doesn't...well...I still taste the celery stalks no matter what...but I guess if they weren't in there the juice would taste overall better. Pete doesn't mind bitter, so to him this juice is better (lucky). 

So far, feeling fine, but I'm not half-way through the juice...one side-effect all day has been the need to uhh pee a lot today. And I mean, A LOT!

Sometime after midnight, Pete was so hungry he was like can I make another juice? And, I was thinking I could use some, too. So we made our own thing - some blueberries, pineapple and apples. It was THE BEST JUICE WE HAD ALL DAY! Since it was late, I only had a little bit, Pete had more.
Looking Forward - I look forward to feeling less hungry as the juice fast goes on...and feeling overall better...as they did in the documentary. We are committed to 3 days...and will asses and potentially go on to 10 being our maximum days at the juice fast. After the juice fast we shall eat only vegetables/fruits and nuts for a day or two...then move on to a well balanced, minimal processed foods diet (at least this is my hope...my plan...we shall see how it goes).


Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run said...

Since it's all juice, it probably doesn't matter. But you know that breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day and not dinner I hope!

Looking forward to hearing about Day 2. Glad you made it through Day 1. Gets easier since you know you had a good day behind you, so keep it up!

Becky said...

Who knows if it matters or not... besides juice, I do know it should be largest meal breakfast...to smallest meal dinner, but alas you know in US that's not quite how we were most brought up! ;)

Anyway, Day 2 is very different. I just feel different...quiet...tired. I think it'll be a shorter Day 2 post. LOL...unless the night gets more exciting.

Rachel M said...

I don't think I could do a juice fast, I am having trouble with the Special K diet.

Becky said...

Rachel - I never thought I could either. Pete had asked me a couple years ago to juice or to go raw food...but, I was like maybe for a while..haha. But no way to the juicing...I mean I never get a smoothie and call it my meal..why the juice? Well, I was watching those food documentaries (posted last week about them) and they really got me thinking about what I put in my body for food...and it really encouraged me to do this juice fast to reboot my system. We'll see how long I go with this..it's only Day 2, and it is tough...I hear as we go on the days it gets easier...but..we have so many fantasies of food...it's hilarious! So yep, I love my bread, processed foods, meat, cheese, etc. but here I am just drinking juice from fresh vegetables and some fruits...

BTW - good luck on the Special K diet. Sometime you should check out some of the food documentaries on Netflix. Just good to know, no matter the direction you wish to go. :)

Anonymous said...

We watched those documentaries... How much did u spend on a juicer? Does it work like u think it should?

Becky said...

We didn't buy this juicer, my boyfriend's father gave it to us a few years ago. It works pretty well, but still not as well as we'd like with the greens...hope that helps answer your question!