Monday, November 7, 2011

EPCOT - My Favorite Disney Park (Info & Tips)

If I had to pick a favorite park at Walt Disney World, it'd have to be EPCOT. We go back to it again and again! We love walking around the countries. Also, we love the Living with the Land ride in The Land - my boyfriend always wants to go on it, because it's about growing your own food. It's a dorky ride for sure! Soarin' is really must ride on the top row...must, must! And get a fast pass! The Seas is nice, also. We aren't too into the "big" rides (Test Track and Mission to Mars) they have there and only ride once in a while.

Back to the countries - we enjoy walking around and pin trading w/ cast members - ONLY cast members. I do not want someone to ask me for 3 for 1, no way. Cast members trade 1 to 1. If they have a green lanyard - they only trade with kids 12 and under. It can get addicting trying to find pins - but it's part of the fun of only trading w/ cast members and we never know what we'll find. Some days nothing, some days personal gems. I am into it more than my boyfriend is. Also, there are little spots in a lot of the countries to stop and wine taste or grab a beer. Italy and Germany both have nice wine tasting spots. In Mexico there is a freaking amazing tequila bar...amazing...they have so many many many kinds of tequila there! If you sit down and chat a while with one of the bartenders...tell them what kind of tequila you like and they will bring you something amazing. And what does suck, is that you can't always buy the tequila they let you try! Seriously, they are amazing at their jobs. We always have to stop in and try to see our favorite tequila bartender - Francisco...we're pretty sure he doesn't remember us, but he always acts like he does - maybe he sort of does, but lol he had asked us last time if we were from California and we were like no...Orlando! LOL. O'well..he's awesome! He's let us have some leftover avocado frozen margarita before for tasty (another visit I bought one) :) And just has a great personality!

The picture is of the 3 very cool tequila bartenders in Mexico! ;) Taken Memorial Day weekend 2011.

I should mention that they have a great Disney character picture spot in Future World...a lot of characters. The Coca Cola Cool Spot - has some interesting sodas to try from around the world. Innovations is neat if you want to play the interactive games. I like the upgrades that they made with the ride in the ball (Innovations Earth). EPCOT is always decorated the Flower & Garden Festival in the Spring and Food & Wine Festival in the fall (this year it's Sept 30 - Nov. 13th). Food & Wine can get rather pricey...depending on your appetite and thirst!

Coca Cola Cool Spot Options.

 La Coq Au Vin from France Pavilion at 2011 Food & Wine Festival.
 First Mixology Beverage Seminar of the Food & Wine Festival 2011 - it was a lot of fun!

The ride in Norway is so cute and fun with the Trolls! Test Track is fun. Mission to Mars is not for everyone...esp if you are claustrophobic, but it is fun. The Nemo ride in the Seas is super freaking cute. Turtle Talk with Crush is really cute, especially if you have children with you.

Restaurants in the World Showcase are pretty tough to get into. So, if you see something you want to eat at, I do recommend calling before you visit (a month or more) and make a reservation...Germany and Japan are probably the best bets w/ no RSVP, but do expect wait time depending on when you go..even if it's not when you think dinner time is. I've eaten at the sit down in Paris - it was good but nothing amazing. I think we ate at Italy, but...I don't recall. The new pizza place that opened is RSVP only, and they are pricey...I'm tempted by it b/c is it amazing pizza or overpriced? Oh that's the question! Japan is good at the sushi place or Teppan Edo..seriously good food. I haven't eaten in Morocco...or the US...or Norway, nor in China either....Germany has a buffet that is pretty good...better prices for lunch. Haven't eaten at the nice restaurant in Mexico either b/c always full. We never make RSVP...but have noticed this past year that you really can't eat anywhere in EPCOT that is the table service w/o one unless it was Japan or Germany. Tsk tsk EPCOT. Oh, haven't eaten at the Rose & Crown or Canada's sit down either.

If you are looking to drink, you can find most countries sell alcohol somewhere that's a walk up! Oh Japan has a Saki bar in the WAAAAYYYYY back ... it's pretty neat - I found I like sweet chilled Saki this way! Otherwise, I don't care for sake...

Ok, that's all I can think of for the quick of it! :) Hope you enjoy EPCOT when you go! EPCOT is a great park for adults...and children! So much to do and a variety of activities!
I have noticed the more you pay for food at Disney, the better the quality it is. The cheaper...well you get it...but hey it's cheap and filling!

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