Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bil Jac Dog Food Review

I joined this site called BzzAgent and was able to be a part of a BzzCampaign for Bil-Jac dog food. This campaign included a coupon for a free bag of Bil-Jac dog food up to $18 and a bunch of $10 off coupons for me to share with friends. I gave away most of the coupons, but still kept one for myself. 

For the campaign, they ask that we Bzz about it on Facebook, Twitter, Face to Face, on our blogs..wherever! So, I did that...and they asked us to do a two bowl challenge and video tape that. 

Well, I decided to try this with my chihuahua, Parker. He's a semi-picky eater, so I was like what if...he actually chooses Bil-Jac over his regular dog food. I put a bowl with his dog food and one with Bil-Jac near each other on the floor and asked him to come over and eat. He started out slow...but eventually, he chose Bil-Jac and continued to eat it!!! I was impressed and shared the video with them...and now I'm sharing it here! 

Bil-Jac is a high-quality dog food that uses 10 lbs of chicken to make 15 lb bag of dog food. They tell you how much on every bag! Bil-Jac has more chicken in their food because dogs are carnivores and this provides more protein in their diet than any other dog food. You can trust Bil-Jac for high quality protein, natural fat sources, high quality carbohydrates (no fillers), and exclusive nutrient protection technology.

Small Breed Select Bil-Jac Dog Food
Bil-Jac products - They have Sensitive Solutions, Select Adult, Reduced Fat, Large Breed Select Adult, Small Breed Select, Puppy, Senior with Chicken and Oatmeal, Large Bree Puppy, and Small Breed Puppy! Plus they have treats - Liver Treats, Gooberlicious, Little-Jacs, Yapple-Nanas, and PB Nanas.

I'm a BzzAgent and I received no compensation other than the free product coupon and discount coupons from Bil-Jac. All my opinions are my own and my chihuahua's! LOL! :)

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