Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dianne's on Devinne - Columbia's Restaurant Week

In the first week of January I heard about Restaurant Week in South Carolina (1/12 - 1/22)! I was so excited, because Orlando has Magical Dining Month in September, this sounded similar and I LOVED that. And, it was...various restaurants participate providing a price fixed 3 or 4 course menu. I glanced over some and decided we'd go to two restaurants over that week (well due to life circumstances, I changed that to one restaurant).
This past weekend on Saturday night, we were planning to go see the new Sherlock Holmes movie with my Saveology deal...well turns out it had expired, even though it was the last day. I was so pissed, I emailed them and they wrote back that they would refund my money. I do totally appreciate that and they were immediately redeemed.
So, I scrapped the movies and said...what if...we can get into one of these restaurants for Restaurant Week? Well, Pete said that sounds like fun...(amazed!). I gave him my top 3 choices...and let him pick where we'd go. He surprised me and choose Dianne's on Devine, because he really wanted to try the lamb (I really thought he was going to pick the Japanese place). So, I called up to see if I could make an first the guy said "5:30" and I said, "I won't be ready by then!" FYI - it was 4:30pm. So, he then said they just had a cancellation and he could seat me at 6:30pm...I said PERFECT! The stars aligned...we were going to enjoy a lovely dinner (and after the week I had ... we both needed it).

We both got dressed up...and out we went! Arrived just in time and valet parked! Woo...
The restaurant was is too bad I didn't take more pictures of the decor...
They provided us with a free glass of house wine...and took our order for Restaurant Week - all 3 courses at once.

Wine & rolls - how nice!
Then appetizers - I had the Italian Eggroll and Pete had Lobster Ravioli. Both very good, though I think Pete loved his more.
Zee Entree! I had the Bacon-wrapped Petite Filet and Pete had the Petit Lamb - turns out all orders came with mashed potatoes and fried cauliflower. I do think this was their cheap way to provide these meals at a discount...but I digress. My filet was amazing - really delicious...I wanted more! Pete really loved the lamb and raved about it right away to friends.
Lastly came dessert (and we both ordered glasses of our favorite wines)...I had Berries & Cheesecake and Pete had the Tiramisu. I thought mine was good, but he LOVED his dessert.
All in all - I'd go back again to try that filet with sides of my choosing! Seriously, they know what they are doing! Glad to find a lovely place to go...since we still do not know all the good places to go in this town.

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