Monday, January 23, 2012

riceworks Confess Your Snacking Sins House Party

It is always a wonderful thing to be selected as a host for one of the House Party parties...the last one I hosted was back in July 2011, so I was itching for another..and well I got one! The riceworks Confess Your Snacking Sins House Party for January 21, 2012! Woo! What a great party to start the New Year with!

For the first time the party pack arrived early! Inside were 15 Halos, 15 "I Confessed" stickers, 15 $1 off coupons, 45 Recipe cards (15 of each), 6 5.5oz bags of riceworks, and 6 free riceworks coupons for the host to buy more!
The day of the party, I bought some ingredients to make cheese nachos with the riceworks and got 2 more bags for free. Then after some cleaning, I set up for the party!
The nachos were a hit! They were the start of the party...a teaser introduction to riceworks. Everyone gathered in the living room for the 20 questions game. I had everyone write down the snack they can almost never turn down...and I was the I shuffled them around and stuck the sticky notes on everyone's heads. Then we went around and the person who was able to guess in the least amount of questions which snack was on their forehead won one of the free product coupons! got in 2 questions..and another in 3. Have to say, they were pretty broad categories...hehe tougher for those with a specific snacking sin - our groups were Boston Cream Pie, Ghirardelli Dark Chocolates, Lots of Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pizza (x2), Cheese (x2), and Cream-filled donuts. What I can hardly say no pizza and cream filled confections. Mmm.
Then we had a round of everyone telling their worst snacking moment - when they ate the most - a binge of snacks if you will! I felt like I certainly couldn't top all theirs...I snack over days...not in one else I'm blocking it out!
After that, it was on to the taste testing of all 6 flavors! Sweet Chili, Sea Salt (least favorite of the group), Salsa Fresca (one of the tops), Tangy BBQ (one of the tops), Parmesan & Sun-dried Tomato, and Wild riceworks Sea Salt & Black Sesame. My favs were Salsa Fresca and the Sea Salt & Black Sesame. My boyfriend...well he sort of liked the Tangy BBQ, but otherwise, he doesn't care for them. He will eat them if he has to.

The party lasted longer than I thought, which was a good thing...and I know everyone had a good time trying a new product. I know I sure enjoyed trying them all!

All of my opinions of the product are my own...I'm only provided with a party pack and no obligation to post...only to share!

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