Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mummies and Birthdays (Not Combined)

Last week was full of getting our place ready to move into (should be in by this weekend, yep its taking a while), but some fun was had also!

Mummies of the World - Discovery Place - Charlotte, NC
Earlier this month I bought a Living Social deal of buy 1 get 1 ticket to Mummies of the World, including audio. Stipulation, had to be used by 1/31/12. OK! We thought we were all going to go on 1/22/12, but that didn't work out, so Pete & I went on Wednesday, 1/25/12. 

The morning of, thought we'd get up super early and go...but we didn't...and then when we did head out, got gas, got breakfast, got on the highway...I realized I forgot the tickets at home! Whhhhat? Yep...had to turn around and go get them. Pete was like maybe we should go tomorrow...but I'm glad we went. We got to the Discovery Place around noon...the drive from Columbia to Charlotte is pretty fast (with minimal traffic) and took about an hour and 15 minutes. 

We high-tailed it to the ticket office...and got our tickets for the Mummies, and it included wristbands for the Discovery Place. Off we went...first up Mummies of the World! Waiting was only because the video had to start again...hah. And in we went...it was great! It wasn't packed, we got to go at our pace, if anyone did come around, we could easily wait or go to another spot and come back...it was awesome to be leisurely...and not crowded with people on every side (that's how it was when I went to the Tut Exhibit in Miami in 2006). 
The shotglass I bought - rather pricey!
There were all kinds of mummies...from Egypt to China to South America to Europe...animals, babies, and adults. There were natural and man-made mummies. Mummies were under 100 years old to over 3,500 years old! Absolutely a wonderful exhibit to go see and you can until April 2012! I loved it...very informative. I only listened to one audio instance and it had a lot more information about the particular mummy, but the guy's voice was a bit boring. 
The exhibit's pamphlet.
The postcard I got, b/c we couldn't take pics.
Then we wondered around the 2nd floor of the Discovery Place - played with all the hands on...interesting...learning feats...walked through the Rain Forest...and through the Build Area....less interested in these two areas. It was time for snack, both of us were tired...we ate in the cafe and split a chicken salad sandwich and a lemonade  - pretty good. On to the first floor we went...saw all the critters and sea life...it was pretty neat...but they did not label the ocean fish as well as they labeled the lizards. 
All in all I think the Discovery Place is a great place to take kids or go if you feel like being a kid! The Mummies of the World exhibit is awesome for all ages interested in mummies.

Nicole's Birthday Events
Nicole's birthday was on Saturday, but was celebrated on Friday and Saturday! 

On Friday we all (Joe, Mary, Pete, Wes, Elizabeth, Barry, Brenda, Nicole, and I) had lunch together at the family business of Zesto's Chicken. I swear the more you eat it, the more you want it...no idea what they do to it...but when it's hot its awesome. A couple hours later we all (same all) met up again for cake and ice cream...hah. Then...a couple hours later...we all (Nicole, Wes, Elizabeth, Jeff, Zavior, Anthony, Shannon, Pete, and I) went to her mom's house for biscuits and gravy. Yep yep...like every couple hours it was time to celebrate NICOLE! Woo! Then...Nicole and her boyfriend went off to celebrate alone! 
On Saturday night...the plans changed from original...but its all about what the birthday girl wants...and I do mean that! One day a year we all should get to do what we want with no fuss from others! ;) Nicole, Wes, Elizabeth, Anthony, Shannon, Pete, and I went to Mellow Mushroom...and had pizza. Shocker! Just Nicole, Wes, and I had shots and all different ones at that! Nicole ordered for her and Wes, "I'll have a Fuzzy Nut, and he'll have an Orgasm." Oh, yes she did! Then I had something really delicious, but can't remember its name, but it had Goldschlagger in it! After, just Nicole, Wes, Pete, and I hung out and played Would You Rather...
My delicious shot.
That guy photo bombed, and I noticed that his gal did in another pic, too.
I sure had fun, and I hope Nicole had a great birthday weekend!

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