Friday, January 13, 2012

2011 Highlights May thru August (Part 2)

And now for Part 2 of the highlights of 2011, May through August.

May 2011 

We celebrated my birthday and our moving to South Carolina on May 7th.
We had a great turn-out and it was really wonderful to have such support from friends! 

On May 13th we drove to South Carolina...since we had a huge moving truck, my boyfriend's truck being towed by it, and my car full of stuff with the pets going...and the truck had to stay around 60mph the whole took us quite a while to go the normal 7 hour drive. 
This wasn't even all of our boxes

Barely there, we celebrated my actual birthday in Columbia, SC with Pete's family. 

Pete and I went back to Orlando to clean up our rental there and see friends and go to Disney! When we went to Disney we went to EPCOT and saw our favorite tequila bartender - Francisco! And then to Hollywood Studios to ride the newly refurbished Star Tours (awesome by the way)!

June 2011 

I hosted a wine and cheese party - and it went very well! Tasty stuff.

We had a girl's night of mojitos and puzzles - mostly we drank and talked. ;)

July 2011

I hosted a Budweiser Ultimate Backyard BBQ that I won from House Party! Lots of food and Budweiser, of course! 

On Independence Day, a few of us went over to Charleston for the free evening at Patriot's Point and then to watch the fireworks.

Attended Elizabeth's Bachelorette Party - wondered around downtown Columbia.

We attended Elizabeth and Jeff's wedding - held in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Steve & K came to visit toward the end of the month...we all went out to dinner and got to chat it up two nights in a row. I only took a picture of their hotel, though!

August 2011

The big first big trip of the year started with a drive to visit my Uncle, Aunt, Cousin, Grandfather, and his wife in NC for a day. Sharing a picture of their cat, as not sure they'd like me to share their pics...

The next day we headed to NJ and on 8/5/11 we ate at the Americana Diner that I'd eaten at in 2007 when I went to NJ for work. Then that night, we attended Mike and Steph's wedding. It was really lovely. 
Onward we traveled to VT the very next day...phew a lot of driving. Met up with my Aunt, Uncle and some cousins in NY a couple days after arriving.

Spent the day with my niece, sister, nephew...and met up with my birth father. Also, saw my grandmother. Really nice day. 

Pete and I hiked to Lye Brook Falls in Manchester, VT. Wow...that was quite a work out for me! Really tough on the way up...then tough to get to the actual falls...then easier on the way down...but...still weird because all the rocks. Worth it though!

Visited all of my grandmothers in one day! And, also got to see my cousin Samantha, who I hadn't seen in many, many years...I think not since we were kids.

Once back in SC, I hosted a Martini Gold Martini Party! We tried 7 out of 8 of the recipes they provided. Even trying shot got us all good and tipsy! 

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