Thursday, January 19, 2012

House Party Parties!!

At the recommendation of my cousin, Samantha, I joined a site called House Party in September of 2010. I joined because I love entertaining and it sounded like a great opportunity...and she said she'd already had a few parties earlier that year. Well, I've been a member for a while now...and I completely love it! They have all kinds of parties to apply for, with all kinds of party packs! They have more recently really been involved online and look for hosts who are engaged on Facebook and Twitter. And, really love when someone does a blog post about House Party! Every little bit of sharing gives hosts an edge for that chance at a coveted host spot!
Well, I am not sure if it was just beginner's luck, but I got my very first party to host for November 2010. It was the Sabra House Party...I couldn't believe it, I got one so soon after joining! I loved hummus, so it was a great chance for me to try recipes using hummus and invited others to share in the fun! It was a huge success! A bunch of friends came over and we all enjoyed good food and laughs. What I did for this party -- I made it a dinner party and made a few of the recipes, then invited friends to bring some dishes as well. I decorated some and got Mediterranean type paper we played their trivia game.
Making hummus ravioli (hit of the party).
Different flavors of hummus.
Moi with the party food and some decorations.
It was a few months, and a few nos before I got my next party - Green Works New To You House Party for April 2011! Well, I was excited to have this party, because I love Green Works and we try to be environmentally friends weren't as excited. I had a really small turn-out and was quite bummed about that. Those that came though, made it a fun party, and then I shared extra samples and coupons with some others that couldn't make it to the party, but I know would enjoy. What I did for this party - I don't think I planned well, since my friends weren't so enthusiastic about joining - but I bought some full size products and gave them away as party favors to those that did join. I also had some light snacks and we all discussed how we try to live green.
The party spread with gift bags for guests.
Perfect time to try an organic vodka!
Again, some months went by...and I moved from Orlando to Columbia, SC...and there was a host opportunity that came up for a Budweiser Ultimate Backyard BBQ House Party...and I really wanted it! I wanted a chance to share with my boyfriend's family and hang out and get to know everyone a little better. House Party started something new...they passed out host assignments and then said...We are doing a Second Chance Host spots for 10 people...all you have to do is upload a 30 second video on why you'd be a great host or why you really want this party. Well...I don't really like video...but since I really wanted this party, I posted...can't win if you don't try! Well, I GOT A HOST SPOT! Woo! It turned out great...great food and a good time! What I did for this party - We had a big ol' BBQ with burgers and Budweiser...chips...potato salad...etc! I said I'd have the beer and burgers, and had everyone else bring the sides. And of course we decorated for the 4th of July because it was that weekend.
Everything to throw a great BBQ House Party with!
Blurry Welcome Sign!
Well, the longest stretch between parties has happened...and a lot more "Sorry..." In this timeframe is when they implemented the whole social aspect of House Party and host potential. I participate more when I really want a host spot. I have to say...I participated the minimum, but somehow got the RiceWorks Confess Your Snacking Sins House Party...which I'll be having this weekend! It's going to be fun...I sure hope! Going to make one recipe with the RiceWorks and we'll have a taste test of all the flavors...and I plan on making a good for your cocktail to enjoy with our good for us snacking. LOL - still will have alcohol, though! ;) And of course we'll all confess our snacking sins to each other and play a game...hehe. I have tried RiceWorks and have to say...everyone will love them..they are GREAT!
A party pack box!
Inside the RiceWorks Party Pack!
Join House Party NOW! It's a lot of fun...and when you get a House's AMAZING to see that You've been selected as a host! Notice - It can get addicting! ;) Well, as I prepare for my latest HP...know I'm still trying for my next one. Current House Parties available to apply to host are: Zatarain's Bring Mardi Gras Home House Party for 2/17-2/21, Courvoisier Soiree House Party for 2/11 (and limited states), Your Day, Your Way: Pull-Ups Potty Dance House Party for 2/18 and 2/25 (a friend got this party for 2/11 - and I'm going to take pics of all the little dancers since I don't have kiddos), Dole Salad Circle House Party for 2/25, HGTV House Hunters House Party for 2/17, and Benefit "Laughter is the best cosmetic" House Party for 3/24.

Definitely a few upcoming parties that I'd love to host - hehe! Zatarain's...House Hunters...or Benefit! ;) Can't wait to see what House Party does next and what potential hosting spots come up! 

These are my own opinions about House Party, they did not pay me and have only provided me with party packs per the rules of the parties that I've hosted.

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