Thursday, January 12, 2012

Purex UltraPacks Trial

The Purex Insiders Pack
 As a Purex Insider, I received an awesome opportunity to try out a new product before it has been released to everyone. The Purex UltraPacks liquid laundry detergent are brand new from Purex to be released in February 2012! It is amazing to be a part of something like this...I have been using Purex for many years and really trust the brand and was ecstatic to become a Purex Insider...never imagining they would be so generous with their samplings! So earlier this month, I received the Purex Insiders box and inside was an 18 pack of the Purex Ultra Packs and the blogging information sheets. We are never required to blog or share our reviews of the products, but if we want to they provide us helpful information and images to make it all easier. 
So, I tested out the product this week and its so easy to use! Just dry your hands before handling the UltraPacks, because water dissolves the film covering the laundry detergent. Then toss a pack into your washer - if using a front load - make sure its in the drum not the drawer - and let the water start filling up before placing clothes in. This helps the pack dissolve faster to work faster! It is suggested for large loads to toss in a second UltraPack. 

My "Sample"
Mountain Breeze is a wonderful scent...I really love it! I can definitely see the convenience and no mess of using these UltraPacks. These would be really convenient for those in dorms or apartments that share washing machines. So easy to grab one or two...rather than a whole container of liquid detergent. For at home use...think of no spills, no mess from the container!

Of course this UltraPack cleaned my laundry and made it smell great! I'd definitely use them again and purchase them in the future. And seriously, aren't they cute? These Purex UltraPacks are conveniently pre-dosed with Purex laundry detergent, which makes doing laundry easier than ever! These packs are filled with the new improved Purex Triple-Action liquid laundry formula!

**Look for a coupon giveaway in the future on my blog...for this product!** Also, beginning in mid-February at, they will be offering samples of this product! Purex will let me know, so I can let you know!

Purex provided me with a free sample of their UltraPacks laundry detergent so that I could write a review. However, all of the opinions expressed here are mine.

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