Sunday, January 15, 2012

Patak's Indian Sauces Dinner Party

Last November I signed up for a Patak's Indian Sauces Dinner Party and got one of the party packs! It arrived in early December and I planned to have the party early December, but it got pushed back due to the ABBA Dance Party I won. Well, then it got pushed back to January 7th due to the holidays being busy and having two trips out of town in December. 

Here's the party pack I received - it included a Recipe and Party Planning booklet, a plastic trivet/pot holder, 6 Free product coupons for me, and recipe cards and $1 off coupons for guests. 
The day of the party, I went out in search of Patak's sauces and the rest of the ingredients. At first I had a lot of was awesome finding wonderful ingredients for a delicious menu that I was looking forward to. The best place that I found for Patak's sauces and other Indian food was at the Publix in Harbison. They have a really nice variety, but not all the sauces the recipe called for. I tried to find the others, but Walmart, Piggly Wiggly, Bi-Lo all did not have any. Went to the Publix in downtown and made the frustrated decision there to use the ingredients I bought with different sauces. 

I made Korma Curry Chicken (instead of Tikka Masala Chicken), Tikka Masala Beef (instead of Vindaloo Beef), Cauliflower and potatoes w/ an Asian sauce (instead of Tandoori sauce), their Quick Chutney Dip (per recipe provided), Jasmine rice, Na'an bread, and a Mediterranean dip (bought not made).
Korma Curry Chicken
Tikka Masala Beef
Quick Chutney Dip
Dinner was later than planned, due to shopping taking longer than expected, but everyone was flexible. We ate close to 8pm and it turned out so wonderfully! Everything was so delicious! Patak's sauces were so easily transferable and turned out great!
I look forward to cooking with Patak's sauces in the future...really delicious! The back of each jar mentions an easy recipe...that I'll likely try next time! 

Check out Patak's on Facebook and Online...and give them a try! They have lots of Patak's recipes online and I look forward to trying more of these!

Patak's provided me with 6 free product coupons for Patak's Indian Sauces...along with the rest of the party pack...but they did not require me to blog and all of the opinions in this blog are mine. 

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