Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hungry for Change! (Watch It!)

I want to recommend if you have the time, there is less than 2 days to sign up and watch NOW the latest from Food Matters - Hungry for Change! I posted about Food Matters and a couple other food documentaries I had watched here

Hungry for Change talks about all the reasons one should change their diet (not be on a diet) and how they look at themselves. It's a great motivator! After you watch...or during, they will offer the chance to purchase it  or the Food Matter recipe book or both!

Some other food documentaries I have watched and recommend are: 1) Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. 2)  Forks Over Knives. 3) Fat Head. 4) Killer At Large: Why Obesity... 5) Ingredients. 6) Dying to Have Known. 7) The Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue (wasn't my fav). 8) The Future of Food.

I watched all of these on Netflix, but I am sure some or all can be found via other means. ;) 

The main point I got from watching all of these is that we should eat way less processed foods, less sugars, less partially hydrogenated fats, and definitely less hormones and chemicals. Eat more organics and locally grown. Eat your vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains (quinoa, oats), non-hormone infused dairy and meats, etc. 

Here are some quotes from the Hungry for Change documentary: 

"The problem is that we are eating "food-like" products."
"People are overfed, but yet starving to death."
"They put stuff in there that they don't want you to know about, so they don't put it on the label." (When talking about processed food.)
"Partially hydrogenized fats are some of the worst fats."
"Nature delivers nutrients in a complex, not an isolated version."
"In this society, we're becoming more comfortable saying that white sugar is a drug."
"Over 75,000 synthetic chemicals have been created since the 1940s and have been released and are everywhere in nature on the Earth, including in us." (not word for word).
"Vegetables are the most beneficial food group we have access to. Full of all the phytonutrients and antioxidants that we need."
"The skin creams that most of us buy are full of toxic chemicals and not all are listed on the label."
"It's not just what you eat...but what's eating you."
"Self love helps improve eyesight, hearing, pulmonary function, lowers blood pressure, cardiac output, wire in musculature. Healthcare costs would go down dramatically." (This is coming from a doctor...saying it is proven science.)
"Where does my food come from? What went into my food? What is my intention with the food?"     

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