Monday, March 26, 2012

Woolite Complete Review

I joined smiley360 sometime last year. It's been a great site for me, letting me try a few full size products (Redbox Movie Rental, Zatarain's Frozen Meal, and Arm&Hammer Simply Saline Neti Pot). Well, in February I joined the Woolite Complete mission...we had to share the coupon and information about Woolite Complete..and if we met the criteria we could get a whole bottle in the mail free!
I met that and a full size bottle of Woolite Complete came my way!  And you can get a $2 off 50oz container here on their Facebook page. That is the smallest size, other sizes are 75, 115, and 133 oz.
Woolite Complete is for all your clothes, not just your delicates! They want you to know this by their new name - COMPLETE! It doesn't contain harsh ingredients, so you won't stretch, shrink, or fade your clothes. You can keep all your clothes looking like new!

Of course, I had to try out this we all have known Woolite for years to only be used on super delicates. And, then out came Woolite for darks...and now....Woolite Complete for ALL clothes and colors. *There is also a Woolite EXTRA Color Care.* I washed about 3 loads of laundry using it - towels, blacks/grays, and beiges (yes I was by color). All came out clean...and none were ruined! Even after washing one set after my boyfriend washed some rags in there (and said oooh I wouldn't have washed darks after those), yep nothing ruined! I haven't used repeatedly so I can't say if they will keep my clothes looking new longer wash after wash, but I can say they all come out clean!
 My only thing's too subtle of a scent...I love my clothes smelling fresh. Being that I hang dry a lot of my tops, if it doesn't get the fresh clean scent in the wash, it won't get it. So, I do have to add extra something if I plan to keep using Woolite Complete.

If you are interested in the Woolite family, check out their FAQs

*I am a Smiley360 member and I was compensated only with this free 50 oz Woolite Complete. All of the thoughts expressed here are my own.*

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