Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sampler Village Love

I LOVE Sampler Village! They are a group of people that make their own products, and decided to get together to sell sample people can see what they can do...and with the samples come business cards and often % off coupons to use on the person's personal selling site.

Well, these sampler boxes are amazing! They are called the Charmingly Samplicious Box (with 15-20 samples each month), the Lavishly Samplicious Box (with 35-45 randomly selected samples each month), and the Yummylicious Treats Sampler Box (all edible treats, available Oct - Apr). The prices vary, but are around - Lavish $35-40, Yummy $40, and Charming $25 (all well worth it). It depends on how many items go into the box that month, and remember not every Villager's item goes into the they could have 100 providing for the box, but you only get 35-45 items. ;) And the boxes always have themes, even when its not a holiday!
Currently all boxes are sold out for the month of March. 

I have personally bought 2 Lavishly Samplicious boxes and 2 Yummylicious Sampler boxes. And I have loved every one of them! They come with so many great items and the ones I don't like or want, I give away here and there. The boxes are filled with all kinds of things handmade - soaps, lip balms, makeup, candles, wax tarts, jewelry, pins, hair bows, photos, crafts, etc. They come in a lovely box with a gauze bow and colored tissue paper. Here's pictures of the past boxes:
October 2011 Lavishly Samplicious Box
Contents of Oct. 2011 Lavish Box
October 2011 Yummylicious Sampler Box
Contents of Oct. 2011 Yummylicious Box
Nov/Dec 2011 Yummylicious Sampler Box
Contents of Nov/Dec 2011 Yummylicious Box
Nov/Dec 2011 Lavishly Samplicious Box
Contents of Nov/Dec 2011 Lavish Box (Part 1)
Contents of Nov/Dec 2011 Lavish Box (Part 2)
This month's Lavishly Samplicious box included some Yummy items, see below.
This month's Yummylicious Sampler box came with a few Charming/Lavish samples in addition to all the yummies! See below:

Check them out on Facebook...and the boxes go on sale every month on the 21st. On their Facebook page they sell some as early birds and give away some boxes! So do follow them! If you love trying products, you won't be disappointed with Sampler Village!

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