Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Juice Fast - Day 3

Once again, I awoke and went back to sleep. When I finally got up, I still layed there for a while. It was already after 10am...and then before I knew it, it was almost 11am. I didn't feel any hungrier than if I had eaten a normal meal the night before. I felt pretty good.

I should mention, that my friend in Tampa that is also doing the juice fast with us, and she's vegan...cracked! LOL. She wasn't feeling good at all in the morning and ate a bowl of cereal. Then she decided to hop back on the juicing wagon for a lunch juice. Moral is "Don't give up...just get back on track!"

Juice 1 - We had our first juice around noon. It was, of course, the Mean Green (from Reboot site) modified.
3 Apples
1 - 2 Cucumbers
6-8 Kale leaves
1/2 Lemon
Piece of Ginger
I drank a little bit of the juice...and went back to doing stuff on the PC. I was adding pictures to my Day 2 blog post...when something happened. It scared me. 

My lip area and below my nose started to feel...and it started to feel stingy. I went to look in the mirror, but didn't see anything. I told Pete about it and went back to the PC. Well, then it all went crazy! The stingy feeling went up to my forehead, then out to my cheeks and ears...down my neck and down my back...and I started to panic! I went out to tell Pete and ran to see the mirror. My face was getting red (and it got redder). It all stung...ached, felt weird. I started to cry...and Pete was like look it up...well I said you look it up! I stopped crying and took pictures, of Pete looked it up to see if it was related to juicing. 
Trust me, this isn't sunburn.
Again, my skin isn't normally this pink.
Well, it seems I was having a detox reaction to all the juicing...getting a rash is typical. So...from the tip of my head to my buttocks (didn't really go down my legs)...I was red or red/blotchy...for about an hour. The stingy went away first, and then the red. After finding that out, I calmed down...but of course I had sent a panicked text to my friend in Tampa...and then a blow-by-blow of what I was going through! 

So, I had 3/4 of the juice left to drink and I wasn't too excited to drink the juice again. Somehow, I did...and fast. I had errands to run, so if it was going to happen again...I wanted to get it over with so I could go out. I thought I felt it start, but it never did. PHEW! 

We decided we are not continuing the juice fast after Day 3 this go round...we are proud to make it 3 days. So, we went to Earth Fare to buy some food for a raw food diet for Thursday and Friday of this week. Have to say, I'm really looking forward to EATING SOMETHING! 

After we got back, I put everything away and got the ingredients out for our second juice of the day.

Juice 2 - Dracula's Dream Juice (from Reboot site)
2 Carrots
2 Beets
6-8 Kale Leaves
1 cup Strawberries 
It always seems like a waste to me to put those beautiful sweet red strawberries in this juice, because it never tastes always tastes so green for being so reddish-purple. Anyway, other than that "exciting" incident...I have felt fine today. I haven't felt super tired, I've felt rather awake. I did have a bit of light-headedness, but once I finished the 1st juice I was good. I did, however feel rather hungry this evening. More so than yesterday. 

Juice 3 - Came after midnight, after Day 3 officially ended, and after we shared a Nice! bar. Yep, right after Day 3 ended, because we chose to go raw foods...I said...what the heck...let's eat this nut and berry bar! Pete said we failed, I said, no we didn't..we got through three days! After we ate our halves of it..we felt weird. He said it tasted so good, I said, I wasn't satisfied with it. So we had a mean green juice.
6 - 8 Kale leaves
1 Cucumber
2 Apples
1/2 Lemon
4 Celery stalks
Piece of ginger
I let Pete have more than me, because he was so hungry, even after midnight. I wasn't even able to finish the juice, I was so full feeling.

It was weird, I felt such clarity until I got tired. I felt good all day, other than the "incident" (and if anyone cares, I did #2 twice today) and some hunger pains. I did feel I could go on with the juice fast, but at this time we're ready to start tomorrow (today) is raw food day 1. We're only doing it for 2 days, so don't get excited. LOL. We're working our way toward a diet with lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, grass-fed meats and other animal products, and minimal processed foods. Let's see if we can get there one's a work in progress!

UPDATE - Today (the day after juice fast day 3) my friend in Tampa informed me that...she couldn't do it..she ended up eating a vegan pizza for dinner. And she's going to go on in Day 4 etc, eating veggies and juicing...hoping that works better for her. I think it will. Some of us will work better doing a raw food diet with reboot your system, rather than all juicing. Though, I do think having Pete go through the juicing with me, helped me her husband did he join in the juicing (but he was very supportive of her juicing!).

After reading my 3 days of juice fasting, do you think you could do it? Why or why not? Do you think you could do a longer juice fast? If you have already done one, please tell me your experience and length. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

I've heard of detoxing before.... Glad you made it through.-Roxanne

Becky said...

Thank you!

Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run said...

While I know eating organic is good for you, DAMN is sounds expensive. I think that's the only reason I couldn't do it all the time. That, and the mandatory trips to the grocery store all the time.
I don't think I'd ever want to do a juice fast. Maybe a delicious smoothie fast. heehee
Did you guys weigh yourselves before and after?

Becky said...

I did, Pete did not...but when he did weigh himself he was like damn...I haven't weighed that since college. Should know that due to Pete working all the time (manual labor) he's lost weight. Me, on the other hand...I have just been It's time to figure out something..cuz no room in our place to work out...thinking bike rides and walks or short runs. I did lose about 3 lbs on the juice fast, but likely water weight or just the lack of eating enough calories. Either way, if I go back to regular eating, I'm sure it'll go back on.