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Crowdtap & Crowdtapping

Hello! I'm a Crowdtapper! I joined May of 2011. I didn't really know what it was when I joined, I just saw a lot of "freebie" pages on Facebook were joining. They lured me in with ideas that I'd get Old Navy clothes for free (well they were right).
A few things have changed since I joined nearly a year ago...for one they went from Beta to I guess Alpha! LOL. That meant quite a few changes for us that had been with the site a while, but I'll just talk about what the site is now.

When you sign up to be a Crowdtapper, they like to verify that you are a real person and tie you to your Facebook account, but you must have 20 friends (I think). You can write them and tell them you do not have a FB page, and they will use your telephone number or something. They are trying to ensure you only have one don't think they are getting crazy with your page. So, you sign up and fill out your personal information (as much as you like)...and then get verified, and the fun begins!
As a Crowdtapper, you will answer Quick Hit Questions as they appear under your Actions. Your response may or may not relate to a potential discussion. So, answer honestly, because sometimes they want people who do not like something. Also, Webshares will appear in your Quick Hits, these give you the option of sharing a video or information. You will also get the opportunity to participate in Discussions. These allow you to respond thoughtfully to a discussion question and then comment on other's posts. You have the chance to get Top Awards, if you fulfill what the moderator has in mind for the Discussion. When you are the right demographic, have been on the site for a certain length of time, and reach the right levels, you MAY get asked to apply for Sample & Share or Hosted Party opportunities. The difference is...a Sample & Share you share with one other person, a Hosted Party you share with 3 or more (depending on the type of party). Again, there is the chance to get a Top Award in either of these. Also, for these you write a report.

A couple of my current actions (Discussions).
You will get points for your participation in all the above actions and for signing in daily (10 points). Quick Hits get 10, 25, 50, and random larger amounts. Discussion posts are 100 points (one per discussion question), comments on others are 25 points for the first post (daily) per discussion. The same point system is used for Sample/Shares and Hosted Parties. Top Awards will garner 15,000 points for a regular discussion and 40,000 points for a Sample/Share or Hosted Party. Reports in Sample/Shares and Hosted  Parties, depending on how the moderator rates will get you A LOT more points (4,000 for an approved, 10,000 for an excellent). Webshare points are as follows: 25 points taking a webshare, 25 points per person that rates your webshare, 800 points for a completed Webshare). Also, you will get points when you receive Stars on your Discussion posts and other times, 200 points per star.
Some points I earned 3/27/12.
So, what's the deal with the points? Well, a few things. The more points you have the higher your level, as you go up in levels, you get a new banner. Also, you can redeem points for gift codes, Crowdtap T-shirt, Donation of your choice, Artsicle, Bonobo, and more. Minimum points to redeem for something is 10,000. To get an Amazon gift code, you need 20,000 points for $10 or 50,000 points for $25.
Subject to change.
Tips for Discussions and Sample/Shares and Hosted Parties: Answer the question honestly with insight and share your personal experiences. If you can, provide a relevant picture or link. It is not always the longest response that gets a star or wins the Top Award, but do not just write one sentence. That will just get you your points, it will not get stars and potential to win a Top Award. After you have completed a discussion, go back and look for stared posts, read them and take mental notes for next time. That's what I did. Also, for Sample & Shares, and Hosted Parties I recommend you take a lot of pics, so you can share at least 10 good ones...and do write a blog post, I believe that helps! Another great tip - read Crowdtap's blog, its full of information about how to be the best Crowdtapper you can, plus any news, sometimes extra contests...and follow them on Facebook!
My recent Sample&Share.
Crowdtap has missions that you complete...they range from answering 100 quick hits, to receiving 3 Top Awards in Discussions. When you complete these, you gain extra points. I wouldn't worry about completing them, they complete as you do actions.

Oh....those Stars! OK, so the more stars you get, the higher your Star Power! Star Power is weighted with newer stars receiving more weight over older stars. And, then it is averaged among all users to give you your Star Power. I have a high Star Power, Crowdtap has said the average Star Power is in the don't feel bad if it takes you a while to catch up to mine.
I believe you get what you put into Crowdtap. Have fun, it's not a's about sharing with brands and potentially getting free stuff!

Since joining Crowdtap, I have gained over 258,000 points (I made it to the Top 50 Leader's Board this month), am at Level 14, earned 191 Discussion Stars (for a Star Power of 81), 12 Top Awards, and almost 1200 Actions. I have had the opportunity to be a part of 2 Old Navy Sample & Shares - ActiveWear and Dresses. I have also had the opportunity to be a part of the ABBA Dance Party and the Old Navy Bundle-Up In Store Party! And, I have redeemed my points for $200 or more in Amazon gift codes and donations (keep in mind some were w/ the old system).

If you feel Crowdtap is for you...JOIN NOW!

*WARNING: Last post with pics for a while...until I can move to my website. Might not be that many posts either until then.*

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I keep updating when I notice I'm using a memory of the old system, so a few things have changed like points...that I had wrong. :) Please correct me if you see something and I'll edit or add. Thanks bunches!