Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Night We Went Downtown With Little Excitement

Last Friday night (3/16/12), Pete and I decided to go downtown here in Columbia to see what's going on. I wanted to go dancing...he wanted to go because I wanted to go...of course he started to get tired and was like, let's stay in. By that time though, I had showered and got my make-up on. So, we were going out.

Make-up on, check...mousse in hair, check. I was good to go! Oh, right clothes!
Downtown isn't far from here, so we got there fast and decided to park in the free parking. We walked a few blocks UP hill to the Art Bar, but neither of us liked the music coming out and it was a $5 cover. So, we walked down the hill to Wet Willy's because I really had to pee (drank down a good bit of water b4 we left in anticipation of getting my drink on - didn't happen). Inside the place was packed, but no music we liked, just basketball on. Ugh.
Moi on Gervais St.

Since I don't go out often, or wear heels of any kind much anymore (worked at home for 8 months and now job searching for 2 ish), the small heels I was wearing were hurting! I ended up with blisters on my baby toes! :(
Not my baby toe (Source)

Well, we decided one last ditch effort...stop by Blue, cuz we've had fun there before. Well, we stood outside a while listening to the music to see if it'd change...and it didn't. Instead of partying it up downtown...
We went to Walmart and bought some frozen pizzas and watched a movie (2012 Zombie Apocalypse) after midnight. Wooohooo! That was our hot Friday night. At least I got all dolled up and walked around a few blocks.
Have you ever got all "dolled up" to just got out for an hour or less? Or go somewhere that you didn't need to be dolled up for (like Walmart)?

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