Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Introducing Pete's Dog, Martog!

Martog is Pete's dog, he's had Martog for most of the 13 and half years of Martog's life. I met Martog back in 2006, so he was about 8, though I swear Pete told me he was 5 at the time (and Martog sure acted younger than 8).

Martog's background (as far as I remember from Pete and his dad's recollection):
Pete's youngest sister brought him home around the 4th of July. She was pretty young herself, carrying a good sized puppy with a big wrinkly head. I gather he was super cute. Well, initially Martog became Pete's dad's dog, but I guess over time or perhaps bonded better with Pete, you can tell Pete is his #1. No doubt though Martog loves any and all attention and remembers those that give it freely. Due to Martog's big head size, and being rather wrinkly as a puppy, Pete's dad named him Martog...after the Star Trek Klingon, General Martok.
As Martog got bigger he became a protector of the family and Pete's dad's business. One story they love to tell is that Pete's dad was leaving work late, and Martog was there, ran out and started barking around the vehicle...and out from the vehicle ran a man..that they think was waiting to attack Pete's dad. Well, luckily they never had to know for sure, because Martog being big...with a huge head and jaw...scared that man and he went running. Martog chased after. Who knows what happened, except, Martog came back fine and no man came back.
I have no idea the time-frames, I just know events happened. Pete had to give up Martog for a while, and the man they gave him to, used Martog as a fighting dog. They of course had NO IDEA that this man did this...until that man said their dog wasn't working out and gave him back or they went to get him because they heard about this. I have no idea, but Pete got Martog back and he was so scared and skittish...his fur was matted all the heck and he wasn't the same ever again. But, as those of us that know Martog, he's still a good dog that loves people's attention, but will bark at what he perceives as a potential intruder.

Martog 2007 Pics

Pete, Me, Parker, and Martog - Christmas 2007
When I met Martog, he was this big loveable dog, that definitely seemed like a younger dog. He played, he did tricks, and he was very well behaved. He did have some quirks, the biggest of all being he would not go on tiled floor. When, I moved in with Pete and a couple other guys...he was still this way and it was in 2007. At some point during this time, one of the roommates, left a couple of his female in heat Chihuahuas at the house...while he went out of town or something. Martog, ever being the lover, took a shine to these small females...but alas they could not consummate their love. They did playful things at each other and would you guess, these two female Chihuahuas went everywhere in the house, and so did Martog. From that point on...he went on the tile...cautiously at first, but as the years went on...without fear! It's amazing what "love" can do! LOL.
Martog with said girlfriends. 2007

Martog in 2008

 Martog in 2009

Martog in 2010

When Parker (my Chihuahua) and Martog met, Parker wasn't sure about him, but Martog has always moved out of the way of Parker...and will even move out of the way for Parker to eat his food, well not if there are treats involved or people food! The two get along fine, and even sometimes you can find them sniffing each others noses, so cutely. Martog has always been confrontational with other dogs...so it was a bit of surprise that he got along with Parker. Pete's thought Martog thinks Parker is an eternal puppy. Who knows!
Parker (looking frazzled) & Martog

Martog has been the life of parties we've had...he visits around with anyone in the house...when we let him out...he loves to get pet. If you start, don't expect him to be satiated....oh no! Expect to become a favorite stop! He's got thick fur, and can get a lil doggie sticky, but most people do not mind. It's worth it all for such a happy friendly dog.

As Martog has gotten older, he's been whinier...more demanding of particular Pete's attention. Not that he wasn't always somewhat that way, but more and more so. He's also hungrier than ever! He also has gained a heavy breathing, that we never noticed until he was on steroids one time for an ear injury (luckily lately it seems to only come on with activity [normal] and seems more likely when hot or humid. Only in the past year and half, maybe 2 years has he started to show signs of back leg arthritis...really bad in the past year. Well, as luck would have it...when you are waiting to bring your pet in til you can afford to the vet...and emergency happens.

Early in December last year, we were all (about 6 of us) sitting around in the living room talking...when Pete noticed Martog walking funny. He went over to him...but he started really walking funny, and thrashing his legs. They laid him down and tried to calm him...eventually it passed and now we think he had a seizure. This prompted a night time vet visit and $1000 later, to be told Martog likely has cancer in one of his kidneys, potentially also his prostate...and the doctor theorized possibly moved to the brain to cause the seizure. Calcium deposits in X-rays, and an 3 or 4 times normal kidney, show something is very wrong in there. Ever since, Martog has been on pain pills, anti-inflammatory pills and twice antibiotics. The doctor in Dec said he had 3 months to live, well he's still here, and no more seizures (that we know of). He does have bad back leg arthritis...and although he can hold his pee, he doesn't know when he's going to poo. We have to be very watchful...if that tail lifts, out he goes! It's helped now that we know...to lessen the indoor incidences. He's still super hungry, drinks water, and loves attention. So, for now...we know he's got more time in him to live a decent life.
Martog was shaved for an Ultrasound. Dec. 2011
Dec. 2011
Santa Martog Dec. 2011
Martog has been to a different doctor earlier this month, but they came to the same conclusion and some of Martog's blood work isn't so great...but all things considered his blood work is amazing. The doctor says though just to make him happy...since he's old and has cancer, who knows how long he has...just feed him, give him treats, and love him. So, that's what we're doing...doctor said he could go "tomorrow" or a few months from now. I personally see him and think he's still in a pretty good condition and think he has a few more good months in him, or else he'll pass suddenly.

It's amazing that Martog has always been in very good health all his life until past year....Pete says its because Martog is a mutt...best of each breed in him. That very well could be true.

Do you think mutts have better health and constitutions than purebreds? 

Feel free to share your Martog knowledge and stories below, please! 


Anonymous said...

Love looking at those pictures of Martog. Wish I could pet and cuddle him once more. Hope he's not suffering. Pete's Mom. Phoebe DeVaughn

Oriana said...

I love your blogs! I am so sad that Martog has cancer though.

Oriana Morrison said...

I love your blog keep sharing! I am sad that Martog has cancer, he is such a sweetie.